Why is Menopause Sleepwear Needed for Night Sweats and Hot Flashes?

The fabrics in many kinds of typical sleepwear do not allow the skin to breathe. Silks, satins and to some extent cotton all trap sweat next to the skin resulting in a fitful, uncomfortable slumber.

Menopause sleepwear can help to reduce menopause signs like hot flashes and night sweats by wicking moisture away--quickly!--from skin so that you aren't left with a cool, clammy feeling. When this happens, often it's a never-ending cycle of the body trying to warm up, then cool off.

Why is it Needed…for Partners?

While tossing and turning all night from menopause signs like nights sweats and hot flashes can leave the woman fatigued the next day, it can do the same thing to those sharing the bed. Countless spouses have reported decreased productivity and increased irritability as a result of their partners' overheating. While night sweats and hot flashes affect a woman deeply, they can also affect those who love them. Wearing menopause sleepwear in an effort to sleep through the night will benefit both parties.

Why Not Sleep Nude?

It's a common misconception that sleeping nude is better than sleeping in pajamas. Compared to conventional pajamas, sleeping in the buff may be a better alternative because you will likely stay cooler without clothes than with. However, special menopause sleepwear helps to pull moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate, whereas bunched-up bed sheets will oftentimes hold the moisture to your skin after night sweats and hot flashes. While you are indeed wearing pajamas, because they are menopause pajamas you will likely remain cooler and more comfortable than if you were sleeping naked.

Menopause Sleepwear for Non-Menopausal Women

While menopause pajamas are ideal for menopausal women experiencing night sweats and hot flashes, other women can benefit from wearing them. The nature of the fabric often lends itself to exceptional softness and smoothness. Choosing sleepwear made of bamboo is also eco-friendly: bamboo is a renewable plant that can grow up to four feet in one day. Those interested in taking it one step further can purchase this sleepwear with bamboo that has been grown organically.