First dates are exciting and as a woman, you want to make the best impression possible. ModernMan did a research among men and came with an interesting list of do's and don'ts during a first date.

According to men, the first time a woman meets a man, you should absolutely NOT:

Be indecisive
Men don't like to hear over and over phrases like 'I don't know, what do you think?' or 'You choose'. That doesn't mean you have to take the decisions, but men like input. When you are being offered a number of options for activities during the first time you meet a man, just choose one.

Go crazy over the bill
After dinner, when the bill comes, wait until he grasps the bill and pull your wallet out to show that you are willing to contribute. When he makes clear that he will pay the dinner, thank him and put the wallet back in your handbag. If he doesn't, don't be offended to pay 50% of the bill. It's crisis for everyone, you know…

Dress to impress
Don't think "First date, I have to look perfect", take into consideration where you are going on your first date. Your tight little black dress might not be appropriate for every occasion.

Eat like a mouse
Please eat normal, men love a woman who enjoys a good meal and he does not want to think you have a disturbed relationship with food.

Fire questions
Do not make the first meeting with someone you like an ultimate round of questions. Share some anecdotes about yourself, but do not tell your whole life story. Whether you will have a second date or not, will largely depend on how enjoyable your companionship during the first date was.

Sex on a first date gives the impression that you are not really looking for something serious and the probability that a relationship grows forth from your encounter is significantly smaller.