mens hair care

Men with active lifestyles know how hard soaps can be on the body when you're showering once or more times daily. Most men aren't given to applying lotion on a regular basis, and that means that when the skin dries out because of excess soaping and rinsing, chapped, burning and scaly skin is inevitable. Chapped skin hurts, and it doesn't look particularly attractive, either. So what's a guy to do if he needs to stay clean but doesn't want alligator skin?

The best option for healthy skin might come as a surprise. Whereas, in years gone past, men had to choose between a hoard of bar soaps. Today, men have the option to use one of many men’s body wash brands and benefit from liquid soap that's easier on the skin and comes with longer lasting, more potent fragrance options. But that isn't the surprise.

The real surprise is that the body washes available are most effective in a combined formula. Unlike mens hair care products, where a two-in-one shampoo conditioner is hard on the hair, body washes that are designed to double as shampoo and body soap are the most effective cleaning agent. Why the difference? The answer is simple.

Men's bodies are naturally hairier than women's bodies, and so the combination body wash/shampoos are designed to accommodate this difference. While a man's hair needs moisture and ingredients to lock in moisture, most body soaps are made to remove oil and even exfoliate skin. Without an oil replacement ingredient, single purpose body soaps are harsh on skin when used too often.

Shampoo and body wash mixes though, act as lotion for the skin and keep scalp and body hair in good condition. It's still a good idea, for those who are bathing one or more times daily to use separate conditioners in their hair, several times a week, to provide the extra needed moisture to prevent dandruff and brittle hair.

If, even when using a body wash/shampoo combination, you continue to struggle with dry skin and irritation, select a specialized product that has added moisturizers. You can also prevent skin irritation and drying by simply using a sponge, wash cloth or loofah for extra exfoliation. Wiping away the dead, outer layer of epidermal tissue should encourage your skin to grow healthy replacement cells. In the most severe cases, you'll need to talk to a physician about men's body wash brands that are right for your skin.

Certain types of eczema may require scentless body washes, and if you have sensitive skin this could be a good way to proceed regardless. Products that have fragrances included are chemically different and typically impact sensitive skin types adversely.
The answer is never to stop being active. It's who you are. You're the on-the-go kind of man and you need a body wash, shampoo, and conditioner that keep your skin and hair at their best for the rest of your life. You work hard, so find a product that works hard for you.