Mens Bracelets Worn Throughout The Centuries

Mens Bracelets Perfect Accessories

Accessories are  those little details that bring style and personality to an outfit. Objects such as a watch, a belt, a pair of shoes or a tie can say many things about you. An equally important object is a bracelet – or more of them, if that´s your style. This is not at all a new accessory. In fact the first bracelets were worn about …35 000 years ago, by the cro-magnon man and they were usually made of seashells, bones or teeth. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians and the Greeks wore them in order to show their wealth, while in modern times it is considered a fashion statement. And according to the latest fashion news- and Johnny Depp, a leather bracelet is the most suitable if you want to leave a strong masculine impression.

Metal or titanium bracelets also show a rough side, and they can suit different styles, while gold or silver men´s bracelets are a good option for an elegant outfit. But not everybody can ”pull off” a  silver bracelet, since they are very thin, a man who has a thin wrist will not look good with such an accessory. On the other hand, if you do have a thick wrist, this is the right choice for you.

But let´s get back to the leather. Apart from the fact that you must not wear it with a business outfit, the options are limitless. For example, if you have a thin wrist, you can wear a broad leather bracelet and it will make the arm look stronger.  Also you have various styles and textures to choose from – from a simple leather piece to accessories with metal insertions, embroidery,  stylish cuts or they can be woven, beaded, with fasteners, magnets, cords, buckles. These types are suitable for teenagers, young men or older men on a vacation as they are make the look seem fresh and reflect an outgoing image.

The recommended colours are black and brown for an ultra-masculine yet conventional look. If you want to stand out you can choose white or other colours, but you must make sure your choice fits the outfit and it is not too tacky(unless you´re going for the kitsch style).

All in all, you can say a lot about a man about the bracelet they wear or the lack of it, but still, their personality comes first. The bracelet´s brand and material merely comes to complete the whole package.