How down are you with the kids when it comes to fashion? Well, believe it or not women are actually more likely to approach you and feel an instant level of attraction for you if you dress a certain way.

Did you know that?

It sounds bizarre but it's totally true.

The unfortunate thing these days is that the only guys who dress exceptionally well are gay guys. Heterosexual guys feel as though it's not a manly thing to be worrying about fashion and that women should be the ones that fuss about that sort of thing.

How wrong they are.

If you just took an hour out of your day to work out a style that would suit your looks, you'll boost your attractiveness multiple times, just like that. Simply by adding a few accessories to an outfit that works for your body and facial type, crazy right?

So instead of going into detail on different items of clothing, today I want to talk about one type of accessory that is seriously important for any guy and that's a bracelet.

The reason men's bracelets are important for style is because they are cheap to buy, they let women know that you focus on the details and they give you an individual look that's very appealing to girls.

Different styles of men's bracelets

There are so many different types, I'm going to list the three most popular so you can go out and grab a bunch:

1. Silver bangles

Bangles are great, not only are they in fashion right now but they are also the single most universal type of bracelet. This means that they can go with any outfit, from a slim fitting suit to a casual beach look. Silver is a timeless colour, so always opt for that and go for a thinner design as opposed to a big chunky one, is much more sophisticated.

2. Leather beaded

Usually reserved for the monks, beaded leather bracelets look awesome, especially with a chilled out casual look. Either brown or black, both are a compliment to your outfit and who knows they may even bring you good luck.

3. Leather rope

If you're a simple man, then you need to go for a simple leather rope look. Don't mess around with old school bracelets just try out a few ropes which are super cheap and you'll add a nice balance to your overall style.

So that's pretty much it. My take on mens bracelets and accessories.