Men’s Celtic leather bracelets and wristbands usually have traditional Irish charms and symbols along with wonderfully crafted leather bands. Irish jewelry for men is fashionable and is representative of the culture of Ireland and very much a product of Irish history.

Men's Celtic leather bracelets offer men a way to celebrate Irish heritage. Irish jewelry is uniquely beautiful and you will love the look of the various pieces of Celtic jewelry that can be worn by men especially men’s Celtic leather bracelets

Designs of Men’s Celtic Leather Bracelets

Irish jewelry for both men and women hold traditional symbols of Irish heritage. The Irish Celtics use knot work, animals, and nature to bring a sense of mystery and meaningful art to their lives and their history. Many of the Celtic symbols are rich in history and beautiful to wear and enjoy. By capturing the historic symbols in jewelry, it is a way to acknowledge the heritage of IrelandBlack Leather Celtic Bracelet-KnotworkCredit: They have become quite popular for jewelry designs especially in men’s Celtic leather bracelets.

  • Celtic Knot Designs - The Celtic knot design has long been popular in pieces of Irish jewelry. The Celtic knot symbol is also known as the mystic knot or the endless knot. Celtic knots have no beginning or end which represents the spirit of life. There is a large selection of Celtic knot designs to choose from in men's Celtic leather bracelets.
  • Celtic Tree of Life Designs - The Celtic Tree of Life symbol is one that represents long life, strength and knowledge. The tree of life is named the “crann bethadh” in Gaelic. The tree of life is a symbol that endures the passing of time and represents the connection to the earth, the spirit world, and the universe as its entwined branches extend out reaching for the heavens above. The Celtic tree of life symbol is considered one of the most sacred of Irish Celtic symbols. The roots are the foundation, the trunk is the connection and the intertwined branches reach out as a symbol that tells us that all living thing are connected. The tree of life is a connection between heaven and earth
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  • Celtic Trinity Knot - The Celtic Trinity Knot, or the Triquetra, is one of the most common of the knot designs. 
    Brown Leather Celtic Knotwork BraceletCredit: Amazon.comThe term Triquetra means "three-cornered" or triangular shaped. It is often interwoven with a circle to make a more elaborate design that is made into men’s Celtic leather bracelets.
  • Celtic Shield - A shield is a tradition symbol that represents bravery and honor. The Irish have a long history of defending their land and way of life. Irish shields are a fantastic men's Celtic jewelry trend. Men's shield jewelry is a meaningful piece of men’s Celtic jewelry designs. You will able to find men’s Celtic jewelry in shield designs that are made of leather and metal.
  • Animals in Celtic Designs - Animals have often been used in Celtic history to represent different things. Birds are known as message carriers between worlds, the butterfly is symbol of transformation, the dog represents good luck in Celtic lore and symbolizes loyalty and a snake represents fertility.Additionally the griffin which is half lion and half eagle is a guardian of life and the Celtic dragon is a guardian of treasures. There are many animal charms that are found to be a part of favorite Irish jewelry items.Leather Celtic Moon Bracelet With An Adjustable CordCredit:
  • Claddagh Design - The Claddagh design incorporates a heart being held by two hands and topped with a crown. The heart in the Claddagh symbolizes the love Richard longed to share with his true love. The crown symbolizes his undying loyalty and the hands symbolize friendship which is a basis of love, while loyalty holds the two hands together.

Irish culture is full of rich religious history and men’s Celtic leather bracelets incorporate the interesting designs into fashionable jewelry. Christian jewelry with an Irish twist is both historically interesting and modern. Men’s Celtic Irish bracelets can be found in braided leather bands and also cuff bracelets made of leather.  Most have one of the Irish symbols in charms attached to the men’s Celtic leather bracelets.  Another popular choice is thin leather bands designed with sterling silver and a favorite Celtic charm.

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Where to Buy Men’s Celtic Leather Bracelets

If you are looking for Men’s Celtic leather bracelets you will find a large selection on line. If you search by the type of bracelet you want and the specific symbol you will find hundred of unique pieces of Irish Celtic jewelry for sale.

Ebay is another wonderful site for buying Irish themed jewelry such as men’s Celtic leather bracelets. You will find many unique designs along with great prices. You can easily scroll through the hundreds of men’s Celtic jewelry available on Ebay.