There are a lot of reasons and occasions to shop for mens diamond rings for sale whether simply for fashion or something more sentimental such as weddings or engagements. You've probably heard the saying that "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" however these flashy jewels are not just for women any more.

These days men are just as fashion conscience as women and just as ready to display their style right down to the jewelry that they sport. Jewelry such as designer watches, diamond rings and other fashionable accessories are a new and great way for men to show their status.

Over the Top Men's Diamond Rings for Sale

These rings tend to be for those with not many limitations on their budgets and looking for high price pieces. ItsHot website offers a Designer Expensive men's diamond rings piece that features 12.21 Ct., no-show princess cut and pave set extravagant diamond ring with a 14K gold band for a huge discounted price of $14,995.00 (compare that to its regular price listed at $70,130.00).

TraxNYC offers up another exquisite piece which is a 5.66 CT. Hexagon Crown ring with a bezel and prong setting for just $17,500 this high end piece has a retail price of $101,000.00!

Mens Diamond Rings for Sale Under $3,000

This price range offers up a large selection of quality men's jewelry pieces. With numerous cuts, styles and settings it would not be hard to find the perfect diamond ring for under $3,000.

Zales has for sale a fabulous 1CT. T.W. Diamond Fashion ring in 14K two-tone gold for men. The original price for this piece was almost $3,500 but is offered through this jeweler for a discount of $2974.15. This piece is exquisite with its round diamond clusters set in this pleasing and contrasting two tone gold band and would make a perfect statement for the fashion minded.

Another well deserving piece is also offered in this price range from the same jeweler but this piece goes beyond flashy and teeters at the "bling" level. The piece in question is a 2 1/2 CT T.W. with a 14K white gold band. The squarish layout houses numerous round diamonds on a classy band giving it a great "flashy" quality with a small price of $2141.40.

Mens Diamond Rings for Sale Under $2,000

There is a broad selection of quality and designer diamond rings for sale designed for men under $2,000. Zales offers a beautiful men's 1/2 carat T.W. two tone 14K gold accented Diamond Bypass ring for a deserving price of $1179.99. Quite a ways under the $2,000 budget.

For a little more but still under the budget Helzberg offers a 14K white gold - 1 Ct. TW round three diamond band for a steal at just $1,769.00, regularly this mens band goes for almost a thousand dollars more. I noticed another simple and elegant mens 1.40 Ct. Channel cut diamond ring enhanced within a 14K white gold band for an amazingly worthwhile price of $1989.95 listed on Amazon.

You can find men's diamond rings for sale in nearly any and every price range making it easy to shop with a budget. Through some jewelers you may even be able to customize the rings (for addition fees) using different jewels or diamond cuts and prong settings. Not all rings can be customized but if you find a ring that is "almost" perfect don't shy away from asking the jewelry store if they offer customization.