Men's Engagement Rings

Here’s a hard fact to hear. Engagement rings were given to women as a sign of ownership. Centuries ago, when men had to go away for a long time to find food or to go to war, men had to leave a mark on their woman. They do this by giving a woman a piece of jewellery that has the symbol of the man’s clan. That is a sign that a woman is already “owned” by someone and no man is should approach the woman.

In other cultures, men actually had more than one wife. That also made the wearing of jewelleries even more necessary. Men had to mark all the women they owned and the children they bear so the family is identified as one unit.

So there you have it, our romantic symbol of love is actually a symbol of ownership. Women hate that and that is why some women also insist that their man wear an engagement ring. It, then, becomes symbol of their commitment and love instead of being a symbol of ownership.  

Tips on Men’s Engagement Ring Design

  1. Keep it simple. Most men don’t like wearing jewelleries.
  2. There are men who can and do wear elaborate or intricate rings so it is still possible to design something with heavy designs. However, make sure your man is the kind. Also, keep in mind that male design isn’t the same as female design. Veins and flowers might not sit well for them.
  3. Check out some big band engagement rings. Men’s fingers are usually bigger, so big band engagement rings and big band wedding rings look good on them.
  4. Before you buy one, discuss it with your guy. If you plan to surprise him, don’t take it against him if he doesn’t wear it all the time.

Types of Men’s Engagement Ring

Engrave Your Promise to Your Man

Engraved men's engagement ring


You can also use another language to write it. If your guy is into Japanese stuff, then write it on Japanese.

Some of the most memorable messages I have come across with on big band men’s engagement rings:

-          You are the best part of my everyday

-          I promise to be your bestfriend and your number one fan. I promise to be your family during the good times and especially during the bad. I promise to always love you in ways that matter the most. I promise you my ears, my patience, and my respect. Baby, I promise you me.

-          Thank you for teaching me how to have the courage to love completely. Thank you for your generosity in love. Thank you for your honesty but most of all, thank you for respecting who I am and what we have together.

-          If a time comes when you decide we shouldn’t be together anymore, I will run after you because you would be wrong. Always… not just forever…  

-          The photo show has the Gaelic words “My Soulmate”

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Rockstar Ring

rockstar men's engagement ring

You can go check out some of the rings worn by rockstars. Many of them wear big band rings, intricately designed rings. Some of these designs may be adapted to a men’s engagement ring. Some rockstars wear diamonds, rubies, sapphires on their fingers. These are the same stones used for engagement rings.

rockstar men's engagement ring(113987)

These rings are usually bigger because these rings are really for show. If your guy is into these accessories, you’re in good luck. You can have a big ring with a big stone with intricate designs and your guy won’t mind wearing it all the time.

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Black Ring or Black and Sliver

Symbols men's engagement ring(113989)

Another design you can explore is the combination of silver and black onyx. Many men do wear flat big band rings with tribal or animals designs. The silver serves as the lining and the onyx may be the body. You can use silver the create the patterns you want. Some of the more popular designs or patterns used by men are:

1)      Dolphins

2)      Fish

3)      Japanese / Chinese Characters

4)      Tribal Designs

Create Your Own Symbol

Symbols men's engagement ring

If you are an artist, you can actually create your own pattern or your own symbol. Here are several ideas:

1)      Take a look at tribal designs. Those patterns usually mean something. Start with what story you want to tell or what message you want to appear on the ring and look for the matching tribal symbol.

2)      Use a foreign form of writing to create a symbol. Some of the popular forms of writings are Japanese and Swahili.

3)      Start with an object that means something for both of you and stylized it to create interesting patterns.

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Big Band Engagement Ring

As mentioned, you can go for Big Band Engagement Rings and design with tribal symbols or knots. Check out some options below:

1)      Celtic Eternity Knot – this is also known as the lover’s knows. It has no beginning and has no end. It symbolizes “eternity.

Celtic Knot(113985)

2)      Buddhist Endless Knot – It is composed of two lines with no end and no beginning. It actually stands for the endless wisdom of Buddha

3)      Double Fisherman’s Knot – It is a form of knot used by scouts and rangers. It is used to join and secure two ropes together.

4)      Carric Bend – It is a form of know where two ropes are tied together. The ends of the two ropes are visible but they are tightly tied together. Many take this to mean that though they will marry and start a life together, they will not lose their individuality.

Puzzle Ring

Puzzle Wedding Rings(113992)

You can create two rings that will only become whole if they are put together. You can give one half to your man and you keep the other.


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