I am not attempting to remove creativity and restrict men’s fashion, but there are some mistakes that men make that are unacceptable in regards to their attire.   This article describes 4 common male fashion blunders that you must learn to avoid.

Keep in mind this article is written for, and by, the average Joe.   If you are Ryan Gosling, you could get away with all of these.  However, if you are not Ryan Gosling, make sure you aren’t committing these fashion crimes.

1. Mixing Black and Brown

As a guy, you probably have a lot of black and brown in your closet.  That is fine, as they are both classic, professional colors that can be dressed up or down.  However, mixing these too is a disaster waiting to happen.  It just looks plain ugly.   Next time before you throw on some black jeans with brown shoes and a brown belt, try some grey or navy chinos.  Brown looks great with a lot of colors, and black is not one of them.

2. Jeans or Pants That Don’t Fit

The most important thing to know as a man interesting in improving his wardrobe is the cardinal rule: fit is everything.  You can take two guys, dress one guy up in a ten thousand dollar outfit all a size to big, and he will look worse than a guy with a fitted suit from Wal-Mart.  Fit is that important, especially with jeans and pants.  You do not have to go crazy when you go shopping for the most expensive clothing, but you do need to make sure that your clothes fit your body right.  This may be difficult as many of us shop at stores where clothing is produced for the masses, so don’t be afraid to visit a tailor.

3. Runners…While Not Running

Police should be able to charge men with a crime for wearing runners with jeans.  To this day, I cannot fathom why one man thought that wearing runners with his jeans was a good idea, and even more puzzling, how it caught on.  It is hideous, and when you hear people snickering, they are most likely snickering because of what shoes you chose to wear with those jeans.  If you are going running, wear shorts or sweats.  If you are wearing jeans or pants, wear fancier shoes.

4. Overdoing it

I see so many guys these days with bracelets on each arm, glasses, a hat, multiple rings, two necklaces, and a fox tail coming out of their hind pocket, and it just looks plain silly.  Keep it simple guys.  A nice fitted, clean outfit with a watch is all you need to look attractive.

Make sure you are not committing one of these fashion crimes guys.  If you are, then please correct it! You will be more attractive and respectable if you do.