Food is not the only thing that we need in order to function in our society, we also need to have clothes to be able to go out and face the world. We simply can go out with nothing on. Sadly, most clothes are not cheap, and depending on your spending habits the amount of money spent on clothes can add up to a lot. For those that are interested in saving money by adopting a frugal lifestyle I will be sharing some tips that may be helpful. The ideas presented here I use in my daily life and have given me great results in terms of the money that I have saved and the variety of clothes that I own and that I have bought for a lot less of what most people pay for clothing each year. All of this without looking generic in my style or sporting discount store looks.

Buying Cheap Shirts with No Logos and That Sell for a Lot Less

We all like shits with our favorite brand logos on them but the truth is that they usually cost four times as much as a shirt of the same color with no logo. When I go out shopping for clothes I buy a few shirts with no logos like those that Champs Sports and Old Navy sell. They cost around five dollars or maybe a little more but you can get shirts of different colors to mix and match with your existing wardrobe. What I do is that in order to look to plain and boring I wear an interesting necklace or some sort of pendant that is catchy but at the same time cheap. You can also experiment with belts to spice up your look. I do buy logo shirts but only a few per year and I use them sparingly.

If you prefer polo shirts there are many cheap polo shirts to choose from that don’t have logos on them and that sell for a little over ten bucks. The trick is to have some accessories to complement them. For less than $50 I am able to buy shirts of different colors. As someone who is more into Metal, Goth and Horror Punk music I tend to buy most of my clothes black but I do buy shirts with colors such as crimson red, teal and emerald green to avoid looking the same every day. In your case you have more choices than I do. If you are more of a polo and khaki’s guy try wearing a nice watch or some accessories to offset the effects of a polo shirt with no brand logo.

As for the brands I buy they are cheaper than most brands. I just look for designs that I find attractive and buy when they are on sale. One thing I avoid is wearing is those free promotional shirts that you get from time to time from stores, contests or websites. Being frugal doesn’t mean that you have to look horrible. What you don’t like you shouldn’t wear.

Buying Cheap Jeans and Pants

Jeans and pants are perhaps the most expensive item apart from shoes especially for guys. What I do is that I buy cheap jeans and modify them to make them look more fashionable or even better I visit thrift or barter stores to find some cheap treasures. If you buy from a thrift store remember to wash whatever you buy before wearing it even if the clerk or owner says that they are clean. The good thing about jeans is that depending on the color and the wash, some  look better after some use. In other words, the jeans you buy may actually grab people’s attention in a positive way if you shop wisely. Jeans from cheap brands can be modified a little to fit better or you can add something to make them unique and avoid the dreaded generic look. In my case I add a zipper in one side or add a strap or something to make it unique. People have approached me to ask me where I bought my jeans because they think they look cool. The funny thing is that they are cheap jeans that I modify myself and look like a product that might cost two or three times what I actually paid for. For more formal wear pants there are many options to choose from that are cheap. Trousers don’t even have logos that can be seen by other people. This is something that makes buying expensive trousers a no, no for people that are embracing a frugal lifestyle. If no one can distinguish a pair of pants that cost $100 from one that cost $20 at work why pay more?

Buying Cheap Shoes

My favorite place to buy cheap shoes is through Ebay. Finding a bargain there is a lot easier and for the type of shoes I wear it is the best place. Amazon comes in a close second when it comes to buying shoes online for me. I do buy shoes at local stores but mostly shoes to use around the house and not the ones I use when I go out. I usually buy cheap shoes that believe it or not were from brands that used to be rather expensive. Shoes from Vans, Champion, Airwalk and many other brands that I love usually sell for cheap and I get complemented on them from time to time which means they are still fashionable in a way. I use these shoes around the house, when hitting the gym or when I am in college. I save the best items for when I am going out or have something really important to do. Always remember to keep them clean. Cheap shoes that are clean look a lot better than dirty expensive shoes.

To conclude, buying clothes that make you look good doesn’t mean that you have to go broke. There are many options that are cheap. Regardless of what fashion gurus say, looking unique and developing your own style comes a long way. And yes, you can do it for cheap. In the end, you may find that you are saving a lot of cash each year and are still looking cool or elegant depending on your social group.