Mens Halloween Costumes

Mens Halloween Costumes That are Cheap and Easy

Ok guys, I know you don't want to wear a costume for Halloween, but these mens Halloween costumes are pain free. Prescription: pick one, go to the neighborhood party, and have fun. See if your fellow partygoers can guess what you are. Hope you have fun with these mens Halloween costumes.

Mens Halloween Costumes – 1st Idea

Decide on a pair of pants and a shirt (same color preferably) that you want to wear to the Halloween party. After deciding on your base color, go to a craft store, and purchase 3 pieces of 9 x 12 inch felt. Choose a color to contrast with what you are wearing to the party. On paper, free hand the letter G in all sizes and styles. Cut the G's out of the paper, arrange them on the felt, and trace around them; make as many as you can. Cut the G's out of the felt, and attach them to your clothes. They can be loosely hand stitched (no fancy stitches needed) to your shirt and pants. After the party, simply pull out the stitches.

You are now – Gmail.

Mens Halloween Costumes – 2nd Idea

Follow the above instructions, but instead of G, do E, and you will be known as - Email.

Mens Halloween Costumes – 3rd Idea

What you will need for this costume: casual pants and shirt, cloth baby diaper (clean), small container of baby powder, pacifier, and an empty sugar bag. Dress in a casual pair of pants and shirt. Place the baby diaper over your shoulder, the pacifier sticking out of your shirt pocket, and the container of baby powder sticking out of your pants pocket. Fill the empty sugar bag with crumpled paper and reseal; carry the sugar bag around with you.

See if your friends can guess that you are a "Sugar Daddy."

Mens Halloween Costumes – 4th Idea

If your name is Jack, then this is the costume for you. Dress in a pair of jeans with your favorite shirt. Carry or have these items showing out of your pockets: paint brush, wrench, kitchen whisk, small plunger (please make it a new one), and carry your favorite putter.

You guessed it - you are "Jack of all Trades."

In Closing

Guys, I know this is not your favorite thing to do – dressing up for Halloween. But life should be enjoyed. Forget your position in life, and try to enjoy Halloween like you did when you were a child. Chill, and have fun in one of these mens Halloween costumes.