Men's Jeans Styles

When properly buying and wearing a pair of men’s jeans was not a big ideal in the past, it is not the case any more for guys to find one style that fits all today.  And so, the following general men’s jeans guide can be helpful for guys who want to make themselves look more handsome and appealing in their denim pants.

As a guy, before you buy a new pair of jeans for your closet, you should consider styles, and then colors, brands etc in a broad sequencing.  Very often, brands can also be treated as the first thing to look at if you know your body type well as well as what you are really looking for.  As a classic casual wear, the most common men’s jeans are basic blue jeans which are suitable for almost every guy in the world.  Dark indigo denim is mostly used in this type of jeans, with lighter color variations of the same shade.  In other types of men’s jeans, black, white and blue colors are also popular.  There are some good brand names for men’s jeans, such as Levi’s, Seven Jeans, EXPRESS, Rock & Republic, Gap and so on.  If you want a rocker look, then go for men’s fashion jeans, such as skinny jeans etc.  If you know your shape very well, it will be an easy start for you to find a desirable pair. Here is the simple guide:  Finding the style that is most flattering for your shape.  Say, if you have a “V” shape upper body, i.e. an inverted triangle shape (broader in your chest area), boot cut styles are a good choice for they help make a balanced look between your top and bottom halves.  If your belly is your widest area, you’re an oval shape.  In this case, the good options are loose (relaxed) types of jeans as they can de-emphasize your waist size.  Of course, no matter if you know your body type well or not, you should always try to measure your waist and inseam sizes before purchasing, and doing this will allow you to find a pair that fits. Please pant-Sizing Cheat Sheetbe notified: sizes are usually written in inches, rather than the words of small, medium or large.  Just give an example here:  A pair of men’s jeans with a 32x34 size tells you that these jeans are 32 inches wide in the waist area and 34 inches long from the crotch to the ankle.  To measure your waist, take a tape measure and wrap it around your hips – about one inch below your belly button and get the reading.  For your inseam measurement, take a pair of your existing pants that fit you well and place them on a flat surface.  Use the tape measure to get the length number of between the bottom of the crotch and the end of the pant leg(s).  Don’t forget that your measurements are in inches.  Be aware that the same size numbers from different jeans manufacturers sometimes have the different fits.  For example, a pair of Levi’s 32x34 men’s jeans may not fit exactly the same as a pair of 32x34 Wrangler jeans does.

Jeans Cut Chart

While choosing a good pair of jeans doesn’t seem that easy, putting them on should be just a piece of cake.  That’s true when you only wear the traditional blue jeans for a casual look.  If you want to get a more fashionable and attractive appearance with your jean dressing, here are some ideas for your guide:  in a more formal surroundings, a typical way would be like coupling your classic jean pants with a neat button-down shirt, tie and plain jacket.  And also, darker colors are more formal than lighter ones.  For an informal setting, skinny jeans should be worn with a not-too-tight T-shirt.  In addition, light jeans may be paired with tops like a washed T-shirt and sweater.  Accessories can add up more points to your fashion look; therefore eye-catching belts, dog tags, bracelets are all of good combinations to your jeans.

At last, but not least, some suggestions from this men’s jeans guide on how to keep your jeans in good conditions.  Firstly, try to use the hanger that came with your jeans when buying them, or try to fold your jeans in the same ways as people do at every clothing store.  By taking these actions, you can make your jeans look much less messy and crumpled.  Also, when washing your jeans, turn them inside out and do the laundry on a delicate washing cycle.  Never dry your denim jeans in a drying machine and always air dry them.  If you follow these simple tips, your jeans will not fade and thus look old quickly.