Leather Concho Belts For Men

Are you the kind of guy who wears a concho belt?

It takes a certain style and confidence to wear a men's leather Concho belt. They are bold and daring, yet sophisticated and mature. This isn't the kind of belt that the average Joe wears, nor is it something you'll find at many clothing or department stores. That's because they're unique. They speak volumes about the man wearing it, without saying anything. Yeah, they're that good.

The Best Men's Leather Concho Belts

I put this list together for the rugged yet classy guy who wants the best concho belt at a price that won't break his wallet. I know you're all in different financial situations, so I've broken this list down by total price. Speaking of price: The prices listed here are those from Amazon.com. Why did I use Amazon? Because they have the lowest prices I've found anywhere. They are cheaper than any other online retailer, and can undercut your local belt dealer by as much as 90 percent in some cases. What I'm saying is that the prices I've included on these belts are valid only at Amazon, you won't find them this low anywhere else.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other men's leather concho belts to choose from at Amazon, these represent just a small sample. I could only fit one into each price range, so if you don't like what you see, head over to Amazon and check out some of the other concho belts for men. You won't be disappointed - in the selection or the prices.

Best Leather Concho Belt Under $65

Western Express Leather And Horsehair

Western Express Leather Horsehair Concho Belt

This particular belt is pretty polarizing: You either like the total western look or you don't. But if it is your style, you'll be hard pressed to beat the quality of this Western Express Leather and Horsehair Concho belt. The leather is the finest quality, and the horsehair is, well, it's horsehair - but it's REAL. The concho ornaments are two-tone, and feature a "Marshall" star design. If you're not big into the total Western look, this probably isnt' the belt for you, but if you are a fan of the Cowboy look and want a high quality concho belt, this will probably be the best $60 or so you'll ever spend. It will last forever thanks to the high-quality materials and construction, and will turn heads wherever you go.


Best Leather Concho Belt Under $50


Brighton Tapered Men's Leather Concho Belt

Brighton has been one of the biggest names in the concho belt discussion for years, thanks to their commitment to quality at an affordable price. This one is made from high quality, genuine leather and features all the ornamentation of belts costing 10 times as much, including an etched buckle, tip, keeper and concho decorative elements. Granted the ornaments aren't pure silver, but at this price range you couldn't expect it. But you can't tell, thanks to a construction process that makes them look very realistic.

These are available in brown or black, and are also available in plus sizes.

Best Leather Concho Belt Under $30

 Alexander Julian Leather Concho Belt

Alexander Julian Tapered Leather Men's Concho Belt

You can buy a leather concho belt for less than 30 bucks! Granted there is no real silver in this one, but that's to be expected at this price point. The ornamentation is actually an alloy metal that looks pretty close to silver, so unless someone is looking at your belt from a few inches away, they probably wouldn't notice the difference. The genuine cowhide leather itself is top quality, and is stitched very nicely. It includes four rectangular ornaments with matching belt buckle and loop, plus black beaded highlights and a padded center to really make it pop. Dollar for dollar, you can't go wrong with the Alexander Julian Tapered Leather Concho Belt. It's cheap, but looks like a million bucks.