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When it comes to good sandals comfort is the important thing. No one wants to be walking around on something that cause them shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and heel pain. Sandals are largely worn for appearance, or for those who spend a lot of time on the beach during the summer. Reef provides some of the better sandals for men. The men's Reef sandals with a bottle opener is one of Reef's hottest products. During a hot summer day out on the beach, you can sit back and knock down a cold bottle of soda or beer. The outsoles of the Reef Fanning sandals will open bottles with its church key. Talk about the ultimate men's sandal, what can be better than that?

Reef flip flop sandals have been around since the 1980s. They provide the ultimate apparel and footwear for surfers, and those who enjoy the beach scene during the summer. The men's Reef Fanning sandals with a bottle opener is probably their most popular sandals for men to wear. The Fanning sandals are the signature product of professional Australian surfer Mick Fanning. Any surfer would feel proud to wear these Fanning sandals with a bottle opener. These sandals provide enough traction, stability, and comfort to feel good in. Down below are reasons why  Reef Fanning sandals are some of the best for flip flops for men to wear.

Why Wear Reef Fanning Sandals

The bottle opener is just  one of its perks. Reef fanning sandals are very comfortable flip flops for men to wear. Finding the right sandals or flip flops for arch support is important. A lot of cheaply made sandals can be a bit uncomfortable for the heel and the arch of the foot. Some of the cheaper ones don't provide EVA cushioning. Proper cushioning for the heel, and proper arch support isn't usually found in your average casual  flip flips. Most flips flops can handle soft terrains okay, like sand beaches, but they're not usually design to walk on rougher and harder surfaces.

Reef sandals can be worn on pretty much any terrain, and provide proper comfort and support. The midsole material features EVA. Which is very soft, flexible, and very a durable plastic material that supports the proper arch support. Those with pronation can wear Reef fanning sandals, and can be provided with the proper stability of their feet, along with adequate comfort. Reef Fanning flip flops provide extra cushioning in the heel of the sandal, to prevent against plantar fasciitis. It's one of the very few flip flips for men that can provide both style, comfort, and stability for the feet. Anyone who experiences a weak arch, or has common aches and pains in their knees, back, ankle, or heel should feel pretty comfortable in Reef Fanning sandals. Comfort, style, and a sandal that comes with bottle opener makes for a pretty good product for any man to wear.

Reef Fanning Sandals with Bottle Opener for Men

Original Reef Fanning Sandals(54139)

Original Reef Fanning Sandals - Black and Silver sandals seem to be the most popular color for the original men's fanning sandals. These are thong flip flops that feature synthetic nubuck leather on the upper material, a EVA midsole, and a thick and well padded rubber outsole. The key feature outside the bottle opener is the 360-degree heel airbag surrounded with polyurethane. Prices go for around $50 dollars at retail. Pretty reasonable prices for one of the most popular men's sandals out on the market. Proper support is provided for the entire forefoot. These are very comfortable, very simple, yet stylish looking flip flops for men to wear during the summer.

Reef Men's Fanning Sandal

Reef Men's Fanning Sandal
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Reef Fanning Prints Sandals - The Fanning Print really doesn't differ too much with the original Reef Fanning sandals with a bottle opener. They're the updated version of the original. They come in quite a few different styles that include black blot, black/black plaid, black/white print, brown/brown plaid, and tan/brownd/plain. Quite a few very stylish looking flip flops to choose from. Anyone who has wider feet might prefer the Fanning Prints. The EVA  cushioning, 360 degree airbag to the midsole is also provided. It's the ultimate surfing men's sandals for any beach enthusiast to wear.

Reef Fanning Prints Sandals

Reef Men's Fanning Prints Flip Flop
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Reef Fanning Leather Sandals - Leather is very comfortable and popular to wear. Full grain leather is featured in the thong, and in the upper material. For the upmost comfort while spending your day out on the beach, these are some of the best men's sandals to buy this summer. The church key to open bottles is featured on the outsole, along with the leather overlay straps that keep the feet stabilized. Proper arch support and heel support is provided with its 360 degree heel bag. It comes in different styles that include white/brown, brown, and brown/brown. They're the most expensive men's Reef Fanning sandals. However, they don't cost much more than the original and the Prints. It is hard to find many flaws in men's Reef sandals with a bottle opener. Customers love them and they're comfortable to wear. They look cool on any guys feet, and the prices are very reasonable. Any surfer or beach boy should wear a pair of these flip flops.

Reef Men's Leather Fanning Sandal