Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry

Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry

The popularity of sterling silver dates back to the Egyptian times when decorative objects were designed mostly for religious purposes. Silver started being mined in Turkey back in 3000 BC but Silver was rare and was considered 'white gold', mostly utilized by the wealthy and many old burials have been found with precious silver items.

It was the American Indians of New York that first turned silver coins into jewelry in the 17th century.

Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver and 7.25% copper and remains highly popular today for all jewelry including men's sterling silver jewelry because of the shine, ease of wear, resistance to tarnishing and durability as well as the cost.

Silver is the world's best conductor of heat and electricity and interestingly enough, alternative healers believe that silver can assist the body's mental and hormonal health as well as improve circulation and detoxify the body.

Any piece of mens sterling silver jewelry is a great gift to give for the holidays or any occasion and should be well received.

Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry Options - Bracelets

Mens Bracelets

Men's bracelets in sterling silver are a great gift option since they can be found in many designs such as links, solid silver, cuff bracelets and ID bracelets that can be personalized and also work well as medical information bracelets.

Men's bracelets can also be made with leather bands and are great for a unique look, feel and lighter weight instead of all sterling silver. These bracelets can be worn casually for everyday wear.

Men's bracelets can be purchased at many department stores or online and are surprisingly affordable at prices beginning at $20 and up.

Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry Options – Necklaces

The choices in men's sterling silver necklaces are as unique as all the men in the world. There are simple chains, curb link chains, flat curb, Italian curb, bullet link chains, oval link, or more extravagant necklaces, pendants that can be personalized, religious in nature, engravable dog tags, herringbone style or bali style chains.

Sterling silver necklaces can also be found in a brushed finish or mirror finish or more highly polished finish to suit any style preference.

All genuine sterling silver will be marked with the .925 marking for authenticity since silver can be plated or mixed with other metals.

Find men's sterling silver necklaces at any fine department store, jewelry store or comparison shop online for the best discounts and free shipping options.

Men's sterling silver necklaces range in price from $24 and up which make them a very affordable gift for many.

Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry Options – Wedding Bands

More and more men are choosing sterling silver for their wedding bands since there are many options in style and design, the cost is much more affordable than white gold or platinum, they are highly durable and easy to wear as silver resists scratching or tarnishing.

Sterling silver wedding bands can be found in brushed metal, mirror finish, highly polished silver or a combination of brushed and polished and can easily be engraved either on the inside or the outside.

Sterling silver wedding bands can be thin, wide, plain, intricately designed and also can easily be found with diamonds or other precious stones.

Many men choose to wear a sterling silver wedding band for daily wear or during work to preserve a more costly white gold or platinum wedding band for going out or special occasions.

Men's sterling silver wedding bands can be found at any fine jewelry store, finer department stores or online and often include free shipping for online purchases or a free gift with a certain amount spent. Prices for sterling silver wedding bands range from as low as $29 and up which is very affordable for a wedding band that will last for years with proper wear and care.

Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry Options – Rings

Wedding bands aren't the only option for men's sterling silver rings. Black inlay is often used in many designs in men's rings to suit any style and provide a more casual daily wear ring.

Precious stones can be inlaid into sterling silver rings and black onyx is one of the most popular stones used for men's rings although ruby and emerald can also be found.

Men's sterling silver rings can be found at department and jewelry stores or online for comparing prices.

Most men's sterling silver rings range in prices starting as low as $24 and up. Look for free shipping offers or free gift with purchase options to save even more money on all your gifts.

Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry Options – Earrings

Men's sterling silver earrings are part of a current trend in men's jewelry. Whatever style or design is preferred; sterling silver earrings can fit the bill.

Men's sterling silver is available in earrings as studs in solid silver, mixed with stones, hoops, beads or Celtic and other symbols in the design.

Diamond and other precious stones are often set in sterling silver for men since silver is hypoallergenic and most people have no difficulty with allergic reactions to wearing silver directly on the skin.

Men's sterling silver earrings make a nice and thoughtful gift to the man who wears one or two earrings since they do not need sized as rings may need to be.

Find men's sterling silver earrings at prices starting as low as $15 in department stores, jewelry stores or online at many locations.

Men's Sterling Silver Jewelry Options – Cuff Links

Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry

A unique gift for men in sterling silver is the cuff link since it dresses up an outfit and can be worn for business or pleasure.

Men's sterling silver cuff links are available in many different shapes and sizes such as square, round, knotted, rectangular, oval, corkscrew or Fleur de Lis.

Sterling silver cuff links for men can be found in brushed sterling, polished sterling with stones or inlay and many are often engraved with a monogram.

Sterling silver cuff links are often more expensive than other men's silver jewelry no doubt due to the fact that they are usually more labor intensive to create the cuff section. They are still quite affordable for many at less than $100. Shop around for the best selection and to secure the best prices.

Clean sterling silver with a soft cotton cloth or use a sterling polish to buff any tarnished areas and this jewelry should last for years to come.