Certain things that you use define who you are and what you do. This goes for the clothes you wear and the place you live in. It can also be seen with the wallet you use. In the upper class strata, you need to be able to show style and fashion even at the smallest detail of your clothes. It may be the tie you wear or the way your hair is made up.

It is also another thing to have a good looking wallet that does not go overboard. For instance, men from the lower class prefer colorful, low quality wallets that can only last for a few months. The middle and upper class will prefer solid colors with bold yet subdued designs that do not need to boast. The wallet carries important things like cards, money and mementos that should not be boasted around. Instead, upper class men choose to have wallets that tantalize those who see it and invite them to take a peak without feeling greedy about it.

The upper class men's wallet are simple yet elegant. It is made of high quality leather that can last for years if you take care of it properly. The style is versatile but classy; it does not have to shout for everyone to notice it. Different wallets have compartments to organize the things you put inside. Designer wallets also have different lines ranging from the formal to the sporty style. Artists and celebrities choose to go with wallets that come in rugged colors and designs. These wallets appear not to contain much, but you will be surprised at how much they can hold. The urban brand is made for those who have an active lifestyle day and night. An interesting range of colors will tantalize your eyes and express your inner self. If you feel uncomfortable with bright and lively colors you can choose to go for natural and neutral ones.

If you would like to try something new to brighten your days, you can go for a unique combination of colors and designs. Colors may come in yellows, greens and blues. Not everyone likes to wear them, but if you have the courage to try them out, you will be seen as unique and outgoing. These are the designs that designers call street smart. In contrast, if you go for the neutral colors you will show a more formal, serious side of you that nobody has discovered yet.