The Best Thermal Socks for Men, Women, Kids and Toddlers

Thermal socks can be used by any member of the family to keep their feet warm, weather in winter, cold basement, or spending time outside late at night. A variety of thermal socks are available depending on your needs: there are heated socks, electric socks (some with batteries!), waterproof socks, and padded socks. They are designed to maximize both comfort and warmth, so you can get on with your day without the nuisance of cold feet.

Thermal Socks: Getting Ready for Winter

What could be more exciting than winter? Sure, it gets very cold even during the day but just imagine seeing things that you don't normally see during summer or spring-a snowman, ice skates, polar bears, grizzles, snowflakes-everything turns magical! We feel agitated everytime we hear the weather's forecast about when the winter is finally going to arrive. We couldn't think of anything else but all the activities that are fun to do during the winter season such as skiing, snowboarding or even strolling around the city with your family while watching your neighbors throw snowballs at each other in front of their houses.

But before anything else could happen, there is something that is always done few days before autumn departs-preparation. Families hit the malls to buy tons of food to store during winter. They also purchase basic winter clothes such as coats, thick jackets, gloves, scarves, parkas and hats. However, most people do not give much attention to buying thermal socks and just remember to buy them when they are already frantic and freezing. Even coats and jackets may still fail you especially if you want to walk outside and enjoy the beautiful winter night but thermal socks can give you the assurance of feeling warm even when your feet is already soaking in ice.

Choosing the Right Thermal Socks

During winter season, it is very difficult to stay warm and comfortable being outside of the house where snow is everywhere. However, you can lessen the struggle by choosing the right clothes to wear. It is recommended that you wear thermal socks and thermal clothes when exposed to cold so that the heat mechanisms of these clothes will be able to replenish the heat that is being lost.

There are many choices available for you to choose from when looking for thermal socks to wear. There thermal socks are made of very thick materials such as wool. Wool is the most used material for making thermal socks because of its unique characteristic of retaining heat even when the fabric is frozen. Its thickness also generates moisture that prevents your skin from looking pale and cold. There are different classifications of wool depending of your skin-type. If you have a sensitive skin, Merino wool is the recommended fabric for your thermal socks. It is softer and lighter than the regular wool and it prevents your skin from itching and rashes. If your skin is not sensitive and can easily adapt to weather changes, you can wear thermal socks made of regular wool material. Although these socks have some texture and thickness, they are still effective in keeping your feet warm.

Blended synthetic socks are another example of thermal socks. There are different from wool as they are typically made out of nylon and spandex--very common for running shoes. Synthetic socks wick away moisture, leaving your feet smooth and dry.

Because of the different types of thermal socks available in the market, it is challenging to find the right socks for your skin. If you buy thermal socks even before winter season begins, you are faced with the dilemma that maybe a thermal sock made of wool is better than the one made of synthetic blends, or the other way around. If you buy thermal socks during the winter season, there is a risk of being left out with substandard thermal socks. Therefore, to make sure that you are able to get the proper thermal socks for your feet, make sure that you have tried them on several times already so you can buy thermal socks earlier without hesitations. Ask for advice from experts. If you are going to be involved in many activities during the winter season, then make sure that you buy more than one pair of thermal socks. A pair of thermal socks for two-day hiking is not the same for a pair of thermal socks that you will wear when you are going on a one-week camping. Bring enough thermal socks with you when you are going away. If you are willing to invest more, you can buy specialty thermal socks made for running because these socks contain more air buffers which help your feet warm and dry.

Men's Thermal Socks

In finding thermal socks for men, you should first look into clothing brands that specialize on making socks or brand for men's clothing. Wigwam, Carhatt, Fox River and Stormcloth are very popular brands of thermal socks. Stripes and colorful thermal socks knit with wool and nylon are available in Wigwam. Carhatt prides itself with thermal socks that are available in thick and extra-thick layers. Also, Fox River sells thermal socks with additional layers of wool. These thermal socks are available in different styles and lengths from ankle-cut, low-cut, quarter and mid-calf to below the knee. Pay attention to the material of the thermal socks that you are going to buy. Choose from different material such as Merino wool for sensitive skin or synthetic wool blends for a dryer and warmer effect.

Ladies Thermal Socks

Similar to men's thermal socks, ladies' thermals socks are also available in different styles and lengths. The most popular brands for ladies' thermal socks are Wigwam, Smartwool and JB Expedition. Smartwool is a brand that produces only wool-made thermal socks. So if you want to pick a brand that specializes in wool-made thermal socks, Smartwool is the recommended brand for you. Wigwam sells thermal socks for different age groups. JB Expedition also has a wide selection of wool-made thermal socks as well as blended synthetic socks.

Kids Thermal Socks

For kids thermal socks, the best brand to choose is Wigwam. They have line called Wigwam Jr. where you can buy thermal socks for kids of different designs, lengths and material. These socks are lightweight and enable children to enjoy playing outside but are thick enough to prevent their feet from having blisters. They also sell thermal shirts and thermal jackets to make sure that children feel warm all day long.