Having a surgical procedure can be daunting and many people may fear the surgery itself or the period of healing afterward. Some people may be very fearful of the procedure or what the outcome of the surgery will be. Sometimes pain medication is necessary for a period of time after the surgery and oftentimes people may be fearful of taking pain pills.

Yet surgery may be absolutely unavoidable. If this is the case, there are ways to speed up the healing process and adjust your mental attitude to increase the healing of your body.


Meditating after surgery is one way to quiet your mind and concentrate on the healing process. Some individuals may want to focus on the part of the body that had surgery to promote healing and good feelings. Others may want to focus on overall good health and well being. Meditation works to calm the spirit as well.

Gentle Exercise

Exercise helps the body to release endorphins that promote well being in the body. After you get the okay from your doctor or medical practitioner, begin a gentle exercise program that can increase healing, uplift your spirit and help you to feel good all over. Some gentle exercise could include short walks around the house or around the block if your doctor allows you to get outside. Also, gentle stretching, yoga positions, or working out with a light set of weights can help you to feel better mentally and physically.


Some supplements that work to promote healing in the body include Zinc and Vitamin C. Zinc works to reduce healing time for the part of the body that had the surgery. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and also reduces the amount of dead tissue as a result of having surgery. If you take antibiotics after the surgery to fight infections, you may want to take a pro-biotic which will put the good bacteria back into your body. Supplements can also help to relax you and promote a sense of well-being if you are feeling down after the surgery. St. Johns Wort as well as B Vitamins and Vitamin D can promote a sense of well-being after surgery. Always ask your doctor or medical practitioner before taking any supplement after surgery.


Some people may experience dehydration as a result of surgery or as a side effect of certain medications they may be required to take. Drinking lots of water will rehydrate your body and promote mental clarity. Sufficient water intake will help your digestion too especially if you are constipated from medication. When people are dehydrated, they may experience lethargy or fatigue so drink water to combat this feeling. Add fresh fruit slices to water to get the vitamins from the fruit and spice up the taste a bit.


Acupuncture can help increase the healing process and can help lift your spirits as you recover from surgery. Patients that have acupuncture both before and after surgery have been found to need less pain medication and experience fewer side effects after surgery. They experience less nausea, dizziness, bloating/water-retention and less itching at the site of the surgery.

Lift your Spirits

Soak up some sunshine during the day to get some necessary Vitamin D into your body. Diffuse some essential oils such as lavender to relax you and help you rest. Eat a clean diet void of junk food as you recover to speed up the recovery process and help you to stay mentally fit and focused during this time.