Mental Health: Why are you so moody? Are you a spoiled brat?

A lot of people are moody and they say they cannot control it. If that is true or not is a different issue. Why are some people moody and why do others have a rather laid back personality? The human mind is very complex and it can be difficult to understand the real reason. We are going to look into various reasons why some people can be moody. Others have suggested that moody people are just spoiled brats. Is that really the case or are moody people suffering from mental health?

Why are you so moody in the mornings?

There are those who are very moody in the morning and will not talking to anyone or say a word. There are various reasons for this. It could be due to lack of sleep. That is not to say that the moody person did not get about 8 to 9 hours of sleep. It just means that the night rest was not sufficient to relax the mind. Relaxing and resetting the mind is not about the hours the moody person spent sleeping but more about the effect of sleep on him or her. There might be a medical reason for such a person being so moody in the morning. A test that can be done is to see if the moody person feels the same way after taking a nap during the day.

Why are you so moody only when your spouse is around?

There are those who are moody and take it out on their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. That shows that the moody person can control is mood to a certain degree when in unfamiliar territory. That also shows that the moody person takes the easy way out by lashing out at his spouse or friend. The reason for this might be that the moody person knows that her or his behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in other surroundings. This type of moody person might also be manipulative because he or she knows that the other will not do anything about it. This is related to the moody person who is a spoiled brat and needs to grow up. This type of moodiness can be link to childhood and the fact that the moody person is used to throwing tantrums hence, it has become a life pattern. Any reason for this could be that the moody person suffers from b-polar disorder.

Moody person due to depression and mental health

There are people who are moody because they are depressed and need medical attention. Mental health issue can weigh into how a person reacts to life's situations. Not all moody persons are depressed and suffer from mental illness. However, people who suffer from depression have to deal with mood swings that can impact their relationship with others. In this scenario, a mental health specialist should be consulted in order to treat the underlying cause of the moodiness.

Why are you so moody when you are pregnant?

Pregnancy accounts for a lot of strange behaviors in women. It can also explain why some women are moody when the y are pregnant. However, pregnancy doesn't excuse bad behavior. A pregnant woman is allowed to be moody but she is not allowed to use that as an excuse to make life difficult for others. Otherwise, she might be moody and be having that baby alone.

Are you moody and are you a spoiled brat?

What makes it difficult to be around moody people is their unpredictability. Another issue with moody people is that they can be very selfish and only think about themselves. It is like this "I am having a bad day and everyone should pamper to my needs". In general moody people who do not have any medical reasons or mental health issues are spoiled brats.

Moody, Food and a healthier lifestyle

Not getting enough exercise can contribute to moodiness. If you don't have a healthy lifestyle; if you don't eat balanced diet; if you eat too much fatty food; if you need to shed some weight; if you have a very sedentary life. If you want to improve your life and mood, you need to pay attention to what you do and what you eat.