Losing The Mental Weight Is The Only Way To Lose The Physical Weight


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Losing weight has always been a challenge for me. I think about it when I look in the mirror or put on a piece of clothing. It never goes away. I have been on multiple diets through out my life and have tried pills, formulas, plans, grapefruit, etc. and I always gain weight right back. So why do I and most others struggle with weight when there are a million weight loss programs out there that do work?

The answer is we are carrying around to much mental weight. I rememeber when I was in college and I had started using Ripped Fuel when it was still legal. I lost so much weight. It was the skinniest I have ever been in my life. Looking at those pictures now I can hardly recognize myself. But I do remember thinking at the time that I was still overweight.

It is really funny because I was perfect. I mean my weight was great. But yet I still was full of mental weight. That weight in my head dragged me down to believing that I was not any different than I was before. Since then I have gained the weight back and lost it and gained it back again. I still struggle with the mental side of my weight.

I see now that the reason I am the way I am is not because of the food I eat. That is just the affect. The cause is my mental weight or in my case, laziness. It plagues those of us who can't seem to lose weight. And it may not even be about the rest of your life. Maybe you are a confident person at your job or in your relationships. Maybe it is not affecting anything else. It just affects your eating which in turn affects your weight.

So what can we do to get past this mental weight problem? Each person will be different. But the place to start is the mirror. Maybe a question to ask is why do we think we are this way. I have found that if I am honest with myself, I usually know the problem. But sometimes we don't know the problem. Sometimes we are as clueless as the next guy. In that case, maybe the problem lies within the question. If we are always wondering why we can't do something, maybe our problem is we are always wondering and not acting.

I know for me when I start moving around from thing to thing trying to figure out why something is not working, I usually am stalling. Because if I was actually doing what I was wondering about, I wouldn't have the questions.

What we can all do is focus on our mental weight and finally be honest with ourselves. When we are trully honest with ourselves, than we can attack the problem by acting instead of questioning and procratinating.