How many times have you heard someone say the words " are you crazy?". Most often, it is just an exclamation or a rhetorical question. It could also come in the form of an affirmation, "you must be crazy". At times, it could be referring to an unusual event like "that was just unbelievably crazy". It could also refer to something being exceptionally good like "the show was just crazy". If you refer to someone as crazy, it is not always a term of endearment. You will not win a medal for the use of "craziness". However, it beckons the question, what does it mean to be really crazy? Is mental illness a euphemism for craziness? Is depression another word for mental illness? If you analyze both (mental illness and craziness) from semantic point of view you will find some interesting facts. What does it mean to be crazy?

According to the craziness is defined as affected with madness; insane; possessed by enthusiasm or excitement. On the other hand mental illness is defined as follows : A mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological or behavioral pattern associated with distress or disability that occurs in an individual and is not a part of normal development or culture.

If someone suffers from what is now commonly known as mental illness, it would be considered thoughtless to refer to that person as being crazy. Does the fact that we say mental illness make the person less crazy? Is the word crazy too narrow to correctly define what is going on in the irrational mind? It appears that a crazy person might also be considered to suffer from mental illness, whereas a person who suffers from mental illness is not always considered to be crazy.

Here are a few examples to help differentiate the two:

You are overworked and stressed out, you no longer want to see your friends; you refuse to get out of bed; you have to be forced to eat and you are very irritable. That will be considered depression a form of mental illness

You swear at strangers; you go into a restaurant and eat out of other people's plates; you smile and laugh at everything. That is craziness.

By the way, how do you know if you are crazy? Most of the time, you just don't know. Maybe that is because we are all crazy. Here is why we are all crazy. Beyonce is crazy in love and Jodeci are just crazy. We are all crazy because we love those songs. To see more here is a list from Wikipedia about crazy songs

If you were to go back to the meaning of the word craziness, you will discover that we have all had a moment of madness. This is ok as long as you don't stay permanently in that state.

The world is a crazy place and it puts a lot of pressure on all of us. Depending on your personality, you might be able to deal with stress to varying degree. Stress is closely link to mental illness. If you think about those who suffer from bi-polar disorder, you cannot say they are crazy because they are not. They can act crazy which is a different thing altogether. No one really understands the phenomenon. It is still a mystery but we are getting closer to understanding how the human mind works. Maybe the day will come when we would be able to pin point the source of the problem and fix it. That will be a great day indeed for all sufferers of depression or other mental illness.

At times I wonder if the cure for mental illness already exist, but the big pharmaceutical companies are too busy making money off the population. This might sound like a conspiracy theory but with what has been going on in the world, everything is possible. You just need to pay a little attention to the way world powers manipulate things to understand that conspiracy theories are never far from the truth.

If you had the secret to relieve or eradicate mental illness would you give the secret away for free? Most people will want some form or recognition for their discovery. They would want to have their names in Neon and a fat pay cheque for the work. That would be something everyone in their right mind would do. Why would you want to give such a secret away for free? At times you might want to do so on humanitarian grounds. However, there is a problem with doing such a thing. Someone will come and monetize that secret. That is to say, big pharmaceutical companies might want to cash in on the secret. They might just pay you loads of cash so you could shut up and they will make the secret disappear. If that is not possible, they will find a way to make money from your discovery. That is why it might not be worth it, giving away such a secret. The darker side to such a scenario might be getting you to disappear. I am not talking a magical act with rabbit and a hat. They might want to kill you if you wouldn't go away quietly. It is of course nothing personal. It is just business.

That sounds like another conspiracy theory. As stated previously, there is no conspiracy theory without a smoke. The deeper you dig the harder the truth. Mental illness is a disease of our times and every year more and more people fall victim to depression and other forms of mental issues. With all the funding poured into research, you would think they would have found a cure. Think of that little sentence for a while. If you were to own a laboratory and you know you are only funded when you perform research, what is the point of actually solving anything? I am not saying researchers are deliberately not searching for a cure. I am just stating a thought that came across my mind. This thought might not be far from the truth.