Even if an individual or a family has no plans on dining out, a look at the restaurant's menu is enough to entice them to eat their dinner there. If the menu though is encased in a menu cover that does not look appealing or even looks worn out, with its corners already torn, it is even easier to just leave the place sooner that you can count to three.

There are many things in a restaurant that customers consider to be the reason for patronizing. It could be the food, the ambiance, the price or sometime, the staff. But even before they can relish these things, the restaurant should be able to attract them to even enter the cafe. This is where the role of the menu cover design comes in.

Since it is the menu that the customers first look at when they enter the restaurant, the menu cover comes to sight immediately. A well-designed menu cover will directly produce an effect to them already. Depending on the type of crowd the restaurant caters to, the menu cover can be elegant, flashy, down-to-earth, sophisticated, very expensive, folksy or playful. Designing menu covers can actually be done in few easy enjoyable steps.

Since the menu may contain lots of food pictures already, it is wise to make the menu cover design minimal. You may already plan out on a sketchpad some of your design ideas that would be of the same theme as that of your restaurant or cafe. You can also include a mission statement or a simple graphic that best represents what your restaurant is about, like an American flag if you serve American dishes or a drawing of pizza and pasta if those are what you specialize in. Do not forget to put your restaurant's logo.

The next step is to decide on the size of your clear menu cover, and correspondingly, the size of the menu covers. To determine this, you need to consider the table sizes, the number of dishes to be included in the menu and the size of the restaurant. You can try getting the menus of other restaurants and putting them on yours to get the feel of it. Try various sizes and see which size is the best one for your use.

You may already put colors to your sketched menu cover designs. You can try it out in different colors and feel which one looks good to you. It is best to make use of a computer when designing. You can choose to scan your drawn design and edit it out in your computer. Print it when through so that you can appreciate it better.

You can ask for ideas and comments of other restaurant staff or friends. They can give useful inputs. It is also a good idea to get a second opinion on your work since it is easier that way to pinpoint errors.

Unless you have the equipment and the know-how of cover menu production, it is best to hire the services of a professional designer that can help you with your menu cover design as well as production. The designer may help you with the logo, the choice of design and material and can offer you a package that you will be able to afford.