Some of you have probably heard of "Menudo."  No, I'm not talking about the teen pop group that was around before New Kids on the Block.  Speaking of which, did you know Ricky Martin was a member of the group Menudo?  There I go, getting distracted again.

Back to the point.  Menudo, that's what this article it's all about.  Menudo is basically made of cow stomach, chopped into little squares.  The consistency of the squares is kind of chewy, and the taste is actually not bad.  What makes this food magical is its powers to help cure hangovers.

Over the years I've heard every hangover cure imaginable.  Menudo is the real deal.  I've tried it and I swear by it. I would recommend it for a light hangover though, a post bachelor party menudo fest will result in more harm than good, trust me.

I guess the proper wording for cow stomach is "tripe", but let's not kid ourselves here, this isn't a cooking blog.   If you want proper wording and grammar, you're probably in the wrong place.

The way I understand it, once the chopped up cow stomach drops into your toxic alcohol filled gut, it absorbs the alcohol and helps purge it out of your system.  As I've said before, I'm no nutritionist (far from it actually), but conceptually this makes sense for me.  I recently had the privilege of going back to my old remedy after a night of a few too much beer and tequila shots.

But don't only eat menudo because you have issues with alcohol (you really should get those sorted out).  Eat menudo cause it tastes good.  The key, like with most strange food is to purchase it from a place that someone has recommended to you, or that you trust.  Oh, and if you're offended by me calling it a "strange food,"  too bad, because it is kind-of strange if you think about it.   You're dropping stomach, into your stomach.  To me that sounds pretty strange (awesome, but strange). 

Make sure the restaurant is clean and the menudo needs to be absolutely fresh, as in just made that same morning.

When you enter the restaurant/taqueria you will likely notice a lot of Mexicans (some White too, probably more after reading this blog, because the secret is out).  Many of these people will be hungover with a huge plate of this stuff in front of them.  A giant spoon on one hand a rolled up tortilla on the other, and the local used car ads in front of them.  This has been me...and if you play your cards right, this could be you. 

You will also see regular families eating menudo because they enjoy it, so don't freak out that only drunks eat the stuff.  In fact, my seven year old daughter loves menudo.

When you order your food they will ask you if you want "pata" your response to this should be "no, gracias."  Without going into too much detail pata literally means foot.  Just pass on it for now, if eat menudo and if you end up loving it, then try it with pata one day.  I've been eating menudo my whole life, and I don't go there.

Here's what the to-go package looks like:  You got your Styrofoam container (feel free to bring your own pot, a lot of people do, save the earth a little people). You have a couple of slices of lemon, some dried oregano, dried chili powder, freshly chopped onion and some warm tortillas wrapped in aluminum.

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