Mephisto is a European company that has been making shoes for hundreds of years now. They are really unique in an otherwise sterile shoe industry for a couple of reasons. For one thing, all their shoes are handmade by trained artisans. How many shoe companies can make this claim! Mephisto believes that it's impossible to create a comfortable, natural feeling shoe with a bunch of different machines. Speaking of natural, here's another really cool thing about this company. They use, almost exclusively, natural materials in their shoes. You won't find any synthetic materials at all. Instead, your feet will be treated to the warm textures of soft leather, latex and cork.

Now I don't usually put a lot of stock into company slogans. Nike telling me to "Just Do It" doesn't really work for this consumer. Mephisto's slogan, though, is hard to ignore - "The Finest Walking Shoe On Earth". If you've ever had the pleasure of trying on a pair of Mephisto walking shoes, chances are, you agree with this saying. They're comfortable, durable and also offer a ton of support for the ankle and lower leg. This support even shoots up one's entire body, improving posture while straigtening the spine. These are definitely the best shoes for walking. Don't take my word for it though. Last year alone, over a million pairs of Mephisto shoes were sold in Europe.

Another thing I like about this company, is that they don't focus on just one sex. They make shoes for both men and women. In the following text, we'll outline the highlights of both the male and female lines. Now, before I sell you on buying a pair of these beautiful shoes, you should probably know something. They aren't cheap. You're probably looking at spending about $200 to $400 on a good pair of Mephisto's. I've found that there are deals to be had on the Internet though. Check out a few sites in order to get the best price.

Mephisto walking shoes for men are widely varied. The Match, for example, looks a lot like a running shoe. The Hurricane, on the other hand, has an almost dress shoe look about it. Regardless of what style you go for, rest assured that it's going to be extremely comfortable. All their shoes, as mentioned, are hand crafted by trained artisans. Most of their men's shoes are also fairly water resistant. They even have a shoe called the Nautic which is ideal for sailing. On top of these shoes meant for walking, this company also makes boots, sandals, and even clogs!

Mephisto walking shoes for women are as varied as the men's line. The runner is called the Rush and their casual shoe is known as the Debbie. They even have a proper dress shoe that's still good for walking. The Mephisto Gail has a rounded toe and a comfortable 1 inch flat heel. Now you can be comfortable even at boring formal functions! One of the newer women's shoes available from Mephisto is the Mali. This is a moc with natural latex insoles and wondeful supports for the heel. As with the men's line, there are also boots and casual shoes available.

If you're interested in trying out "The Finest Walking Shoe On Earth", you should probably go with a pair of Mephisto's. Your feet will love you for it!