If you're lucky enough to be driving a Mercedes, then at some point you'll probably have to go to a dealer or independent mechanic in order to have the Mercedes Service A. But before taking time off work, driving across town, and forking over a chunk of money to the mechanic, you're probably wondering, "Just what is the Mercedes Service A?"

The Details...

The Service A is comprised of quite a few different checks and services designed to keep your car in top shape. A few of the details will vary from model to model, but these are some of main points that will be hit no matter what year or model your Mercedes is.

  • The oil and oil filter will be changed.
  • The air filter will be checked and replaced if necessary.
  • All of the cars fluids will be checked and topped off.
  • The tires will be rotated and inspected for proper wear.
  • All of the warning lights, interior lights, and head and taillights will be inspected for proper functioning. (You may be charged extra if any need to be replaced.)
  • The braking system will be inspected for proper functioning. This includes brake pads, brake lines, discs and fluids. (Just like with the lights, you may be charged extra for parts if any of these things need to be replaced.)
  • Vital moving parts will be inspected and lubricated as determined by the service manual for your particular car.

These are the primary points of inspection during the Mercedes Service A, but as mentioned earlier, there are also some additional items that will be checked on depending on your particular model.

In a nutshell, the Service A is designed to provide preventative maintenance and other important checks and services.

Like anything when it comes to cars, be sure to call around to check on pricing. In my city I have personally known of independent mechanics that will charge up to $100 less than the dealerships for the same services, and since the Service A is a standard service, most dealerships and independent mechanics can tell you over the phone what the cost will be, as well as approximately how long it will take.

Happy driving!