Kindle 2 eBook Reader


Light, compact & Portable
Fast, reliable and easy downloads
Anti-glare display screen
Global wireless
PDF support
web browser
Long Battery life
Touch screen
Plays Videos
Audio books


Limited features
Slow internet browsing
High ebook prices
Poor design
Few formats supported

Full Review

The days of carrying cumbersome books while traveling were things of the past and the eBook reader is the most happening thing making the books redundant. An eBook Reader is a digital book and it's the ideal mobile library companion to whet your appetite by providing instant inventory of books to read, wherein anyone can choose over 1000 books including the latest updates available in the market. The ebook reader is more convenient than a Desktop PC or even a Laptop PC and is no larger than a magazine and is also no heavier and just about the same thickness. It is also just like reading paper pages, but with a lot more clarity.

An ebook is an electronic version of a physical book, albeit used for multi-tasking. An eBook Reader is light, compact, portable, wireless, anti-glare display screen and a reliable battery with long life. The ebook reader simply promotes book reading habit and when we found that literature has very few takers and behold that the technological advancement has thrown open to readers, a portable ebook reader, which readily stimulates reading and an ideal solution for Business and Education.

An eBook Reader solves space constraints problems associated with books, maintenance cost, searching books is a time-consuming exercise while the ebook reader can easily download books and automatically searches for text and cross reference it using hyperlinks. Moreover, eReaders can be read in very little light or even no light by using the back light. Ebooks can be reused for an indefinite period unlike books and avoid the hassles of paper work.

The market share for eReaders are growing day by day. A recent study revealed that eReaders surpassed even the MP3 player during vacations and more and more people are planning to buy one soon.

Some of the popular eBook Readers are Amazon's Kindle 2, Sony Reader, B&N Nook, Bebook Neo and iRiver story.

In Closing

Ebooks are slim; Have a capacity to hold 1500 books, periodicals and documents; Attractive display features, Wireless, long battery life, with built-in PDF reader
In the beginning of the ebook reader era the amazon kindle was the leader. But now there are a lot upcoming brands like Sony, Barnes and Noble and others.
Whether you're looking for the ultimate book lover gift or a special treat for yourself, this article will serve as your guide to buy the most popular electronic book reader device in today's market according to your preferences.