When you are planning to decorate the interior or exterior of your house and if you have the space, you should have a mermaid fountain installed in your home - they are amazing!

It not only gives your home a unique look but it will also add a majestic and classic ambiance to it kind of like a lion head or set of columns.  People generally position mermaid water features near the entrance to their homes. They can however be equally placed safely indoors or outdoors.

Mermaid fountains can be found in various shapes and sizes. The larger and more detailed and the higher quality the material the more expensive they tend to be. Of course they can be designed in any color to suit the buyer as well.

Various types available today include:

  • Marble Mermaid Fountains: These are made of marble or granite, materials that catch the sunset’s rich warm glow of color.  Red and white fountains are quite popular due to their durability and unique designs. Red and white marble are generally the types that people choose for their homes. Generally, these range in price from $40 to $6,000 and above depending upon the fountain you choose. Most however are pretty pricey.
  • Poly-resin Mermaid Fountains: These are used for decorative purposes. They generally range from $70 to $ 400 and above. They are a budget friendly entry point for sure.
  • Mermaid Bronze Water Fountains: These fountains are made of bronze. It can be placed either indoors or outdoors. The price ranges from $800 to $2,900 and above as bronze can get pricey. They are also much bigger typically.

The major advantages of having a mermaid water fountain in your home:

  • They keep the air moist wherever it is placed in the house and thus has a cooling effect.
  • They are especially good for people with nasal problems because they keep humidity higher in the room.
  • Water fountains in general help alleviate ailments such as dry skin problems.
  • It becomes a common focal point of attention in your house which makes the owner feel pride for his/her home.
  • By adding special aromatic oils to your fountain, it can provide aromatherapy for the owners.

Always consult a plumber and electrician before installing a fountain in your house. You must know the specifications for installation whether indoor or outdoor such as the type of fountainhead required, the kind of pump needed, and the electrical connections necessary for installation.  Never consider these small things unnecessary as they form the foundation of the fountain so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

After installing the mermaid fountain at your place always remember to maintain the fountain. Clean your fountain once a month.

After you have done all the research and gathered all the information about mermaid fountains, you may want to know where to get one. You can get these things from any specialized shop located in your area that has a large inventory. Many that sell water features can get you what you are looking for via special order even if they don't have anything exact in stock.

If there isn’t any and you don't want to go the special order route then don’t worry, you can get one on eBay or Amazon or by simply doing a Google search for discounted mermaid fountains. Online vendors can frequently get you want you are looking for at a price that is far less than retail brick and mortar stores can offer.

I personally have done a lot of research while purchasing fountains in the past some stores I browsed through included comparison shopping sites like nextag.com, alibaba.com, and thefind.com but these days Pinterest is quickly becoming a got-to place for finding specialty retailers selling really cool stuff you'd probably never find otherwise.