Go off-road with the rugged and reliable Intercept from Merrell


I'm a rather unstable person.  I can't stay on one thing for very long, and that's why I've always looked for an outdoor sports shoe that can follow me whatever I do.  One day I might be climbing a tree, playing soccer the next or running through urban landscapes.  Several years ago I purchased a pair of Merrell's Urban Intercept shoes and have been wearing it's kin ever since.  The first pair I bought finally gave up on me (actually they didn't break but weren't as confortable as they once were) last fall and I bought another pair of intercept, this time made with goretex instead of the synthetic leather.

This shoe is my all time favorite.  I hike in forests with them, climb trees and the occasional building here and there with these and they always feel nice and tight with a nice biting feel wherever i ground my foot.  Even if at first it took about 4-5 days to break in the first pair, they soon became very confortable.  The sole is pretty flexible while retaining enough strenght to support awkward foot falls.  The tip and back of the sole are great for avoiding slips, with a bunch of little cleats picking at whatever leadge you land on.  The shoe also breahtes fairly well which is a big factor for me since I always get seaty feet.

I even took these to walk the sandy trails of Santiago de Compostella.  Walking 8 hours a day with a pair really gives you a definitive outlook on a shoe.  This brand is always on top of the game with innovation and reliability, but this shoe in particular holds a special place in my heart.  I will keep buying the Intercept as long as they make it.

My dusty old pair

Cons:  It's not made for ice and snow, so it shouldn't really count as a con, but I wear it all year round and sometimes it gives out under ice.  Its cleat type sole doesn't stick to that type of surface.  The only other annoyance is the noise it makes.  The sole is made with some sort of rubber that squeaks on certain surfaces (shopping mall floors, grocery store floors) when the shoe is wet.

I really wasn't surprised when I heard that Bear Grylls (Ex-SAS & survival expert) practically only wears shoes and boots from Merrell.  They're rugged and reliable and when you're pushing yourself to the limits, the last thing you want to be thinking about is if your foot's about to slide off ground.