It's that time of year when you will be receiving a mailbox full of Merry Christmas greeting cards. Conversely, you will also be sending out greeting cards wishing your friends and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This holiday task is one that some people dread and others look forward to. Here is how to get it all organized and make it less complicated.

Make a List

To whom will you be sending your Merry Christmas greeting cards? Check your address book and count how many people you will probably send a Christmas card to. If you do this on the computer you can simply go back year after year and update as needed. Delete those from whom you have not heard in two years or you no longer care to send a card to and make sure to add new friends.

One note of caution-be sure the person or family you are sending a Merry Christmas card to actually celebrates Christmas! Sending a Christmas card to someone who does not share the holiday with you makes no sense and can considered offensive to the recipient (you are not respecting the fact they s/he does not celebrate this holiday). Buy a box of Season's Greetings cards for people who fall into this group.

Buy Stamps

The post office has a large variety of Merry Christmas stamps to put on the greeting cards you will be sending. Buy an extra book of stamps to have on hand in case you get unexpected Merry Christmas greeting cards. You will want to reciprocate!

Merry Christmas Greeting Cards-Where to Buy Them


Christmas CardsYou can get Merry Christmas greeting cards anywhere-online or in stores. Savvy shoppers buy their greeting cards at the end of the Christmas season during clearance sales and can skip the pre-holiday search for the perfect greeting card to send.

A wide variety of Merry Christmas greeting cards, from humorous to serious, are available at card stores such as Hallmark and Carlton Cards. You can buy them boxed, or select a special single card for those you wish to send a more personal greeting. Discount stores like WalMart and Target also carry greeting cards in their stationary department.

Pesonalized Family Merry Christmas Greeting CardCredit: Merry Christmas greeting cards saves the card sender the time and effort of signing their name to dozens of cards. It is time efficient. If you wish to send personalized Merry Christmas greeting cards, start your search early for the perfect ones. With so many options available, you want to spend time selecting the perfect one that fits your style, taste and budget.Photo Merry Christmas greeting cardsCredit:

Photo greeting cards are another way to send Christmas greetings across the miles. Websites such as Kodakgallery, Snapfish, Photoworks and SeeHere offer Merry Christmas greeting cards that you can personalize with your own photos and messages. Simply choose a background, the photos you wish to include, and your own personal message to family and friends.

Make Your Own Christmas Cards


Are you into scrapbooking and other paper crafts? If you are, then creating your very own Merry Christmas greeting cards permits you to create one-of-a-kind creations for those lucky people on your list. I have a friend who sends me a handmade Chanukah card each year and I treasure it! I know the time and effort it takes her to make a personalized greeting card, and I also know that she only sends them to certain special people! It's a great feeling to be on that list.

Hallmark Card Studio for making your own Merry Christmas greetin cardsCredit: have also had my children create special holiday cards for grandparents and special aunts and uncles. You do not need expensive materials for this. You can use construction paper or cardstock, fancy edged scissors, glitter or glitter glue, holiday and non-holiday stickers, stamper markers or rubber stamps, thick and thin markers in assorted colors, crayons, felt stickers, peel and stick foam pieces, and paint to make unique greeting cards for the most special people in your children's life.

Personalize the Envelopes

Personalizing the envelopes of the Christmas greeting cards you are sending is a fun activity for even the youngest child. Let children participate and get into the spirit of the holiday by letting them put stickers on the outside of the envelope or by using Christmas rubber stamps to decorate them. Older children can draw small pictures on the outside envelope in permanent marker. Each one is a unique masterpiece!

eCards Merry Christmas Greetings Online for Free

For some people, sending out Merry Christmas greeting cards is simply not in their budget. Virtual eCards sent via online greeting card websites lets others know that you are thinking of them and you do not have to spend any money.

There are many websites that offer this service. Among them are:

No matter which kind of Merry Christmas greeting card you choose to send, it is sure to be enjoyed by whomever is receiving it.