What Kind of Holiday Card is Appropriate to Send?

Even with all of the technology we have available, people still have not given up the tradition of sending out holiday greeting cards...otherwise known as "snail mail".  The problem arises when you are unsure of which card to send. We are a diverse and multi-cultural society, and most people have friends who practice various faiths. What is a person to do? Here are some simple solutions.

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Merry Christmas Greeting Cards

It is appropriate to send Christians Merry Christmas greeting cards. It is, after all, the holiday that they celebrate. You need to choose what kind of card to send. There are those people who send out religious cards, some who send out serious, sentimental cards, while others send out cards that are fun and whimsical. The only thing you need to remember is that you send Christmas cards to those who celebrate Christmas, not other holidays.

If you have Jewish friends or family on your holiday card list, sending a Merry Christmas greeting card is not appropriate, as it is not the holiday Jews celebrate. You can do one of several things:

1. Buy separate Hanukkah greeting cards for the Jewish people on your list. It is kind and thoughtful thing to do.

2. Send a Happy New Year card

3. Send a Season's Greetings card

4. Write a message inside your Christmas card that wishes your Jewish friend a Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year.

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A personalized photo greeting card with your family or just your children is one way to send holiday greetings and share how much your family has grown. The children can be dressed in their Christmas best, yet the written sentiments are perfect for everyone on your mailing list.


Happy Hanukkah

Whether you spell it Hanukkah or Chanukah, it is still the Jewish Festival of Lights. There are a large variety of greetings that you can send to friends and family, from Jewish humor to whimsical to serious and sentimental.

Again, it is appropriate to send Hanukkah greeting cards to Jewish families and not Christian ones.

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Photo from Minted 

A whimsical greeting like the one above will certainly bring a smile to the person's face when they open it. And that song will be in his or her head for the rest of the day!

Greetings for Intermarried Families

What kind of holiday greeting card do you send to an interfaith family? If one person celebrates Hanukkah and the other Christmas, what can you send?

Adorable cards are widely available that wish the intermarried family a happy holiday season while acknowledging both holidays. This is the perfect solution and one that will not only be appreciated, but will get in both parties good graces. Messages that say"Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" are also appropriate.

What is inappropriate is to send one kind of message and not at least acknowledge the fact that there are other holidays celebrated in the household. If you mail a Christmas greeting, be sure to write inside something about Hanukkah as well. No one wants to be ignored and you do not want to be that person who is viewed as insensitive.


Show Your Thoughtfulness to the Entire Household

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Happy New Year Messages

You can send them out in January!

In the past, I used to have three piles of cards-Season's Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, and cards for intermarried friends and family. It got to be a bit much, especially after my twins arrived.

I decided to make photo cards of my children that read "Happy New Year". That solved a multitude of issues for me. First of all, no one is offended by a Happy New Year card. Secondly, I did not have to keep track of all of the cards and run out to buy more if one pile was running low. Most importantly, they could be sent after the holiday madness was over. You can send

New Year's cards out in late December of the first week of January. It was one less holiday stress chore that I had to deal with. An added bonus is that if you were wondering who to keep on your mailing list, then this is one way to see who did not send you something. Save time and postage by making your list smaller!

New Year Greetings 2017

No matter what card you send-Merry Christmas , Happy Hanukkah, or Season Greetings, it is nice to remember friends and family during the winter holiday season.