What Are Black Men At Greater Risk For Mesothelioma

Black men and Hispanics account for less than 8 percent of all asbestos related lung cancer cases, this says Abestos.com.  The reason is not that the cases of asbestos related lung cancer is that much lower in the African American and Hispanic population.  The reason for this large disparity in the numbers (White  individuals) accounting for 95 percent of asbestos related lung cancer cases and Blacks and Hispanics accounting for just 8 percent) is that Blacks and Hispanics are less likely to be diagnosed with any type cancer.  Whether it is because insurance is lacking among the lower middle class and poor people or a host of other reasons, it is not known why the diagnosed cases of cancer in the Black and Hispanic population is so low.  So it looks as if Blacks are not as affected by lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure.  This is far from the truth.

In the history of America before 1970, when Black men were allowed to work, they often got the "dirty jobs." These jobs included working in mines, building ships, working in mills, all kinds of factory jobs, power plants, shipyards, automobile plants and other places where there may have been deadly asbestos exposure.  Since many people are not educated about mesothelioma and what it is, the poor Blacks who may have worked these industrial jobs before 1970 may not realize that they could have contracted a deadly lung disease simply by showing up to work and working hard to support themselves and their families.

So it is fair to say that lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure is highly under reported in the Black community. This also means that funds set aside to help asbestos related cancer victims is not being accessed by the Black community since they are not being diagnosed.  It also means that potential mesothelioma settlements due to you and your family is not being recovered because of these under diagnosed mesothelioma lung cases in the Black community.


What Should I Do If I Have Lung Cancer And I Worked In An Industry Where I Could Have Been Exposed T o Asbestos?

If you are a Black individual (mostly men are affected but women can get secondary exposure or primary exposure if they were the ones being exposed to asbestos) who think that your lung cancer may be due to negligence on the part of the company you worked for, then you need to contact a mesothelioma attorney today!  Contact one who will give you a free consultation, which most reputable mesothelioma attorneys will do.  Explain your case and that you think your lung cancer is as a result of continual exposure to asbestos.  They will do the rest.


What Should I Do If My Parent Or Family Have Lung Cancer But I'm Not Sure Where He Worked?

If you have a relative who has lung cancer, you should ask him his work history.  From his work history, you can tell whether or not he may have been exposed to asbestos.  Many older Black men do not use the internet and depending on what part of the country you are from, they may not even watch television or go to a library to get information.  Many don't go to doctors for various reasons, so trying to help someone you think may have asbestos related lung cancer may prove to be difficult.  The best you can do is print out information on the condition, get a list of asbestos related industries, show him how his work could have exposed him to this deadly cancer and help him contact an attorney. 

The first step in a lot of these cases dealing with older Black men is first getting them to go to a doctor to get properly diagnosed. 

It is unfortunate that with all the hard work Black men have done to even survive and keep food on their family's table, that now they may be dying without getting the proper diagnosis and the proper medical care.  Mesothelioma settlement money that could be going to help them and their families is never recovered.

 A Note about Silver and Cancer. The National Institute of Health (PubMed) has published documents about the effectiveness of silver in nano particles being used to treat affected cancer cells.  There has been a lot of bad press about silver, but in truth the organized medical institutions still use it and used it widely and effectively before the invention of antibiotics.  Before resigning yourself to death, speak to your doctor about trying all options, including so called "alternative." Consult a Natropath if you need to.  There are many writings about the use of silver helping to restore affected cancer cells to normal.  Here is a good blog to read about the use of silver an cancer. Do your own study on pharmaceutical made colloidal silverand how it can help you  fight your disease.  Always speak to your doctor about trying any new treatment including dietary supplements such as silver. Also, here's a good site that discusses the medical research of silver to treat serious diseases.  I am not affiliated with the Invive orSilver Protein Mild websites nor the above blog, but they have some good information that could be useful to someone.  Good Luck and just remember that the bible tells us, that for every illness, there is a treatment or cure.

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