Tom Harper Defies Doctor's Prognosis and Beats Mesothelioma Lung Cancer!

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                 When Tom Harper, owner of Unique Sea Farms was given 9 months to live in 2004, he did not let this death sentence deter his will to live.  Diagnosed with Mesothelioma lung cancer, a deadly and incurable disease, there seemed to be no hope for Mr. Harper.  Patients diagnosed with this monster disease, usually begin to begin to plan their funeral arrangements after being given such diagnosis.  Tom Harper was no different in that regard. 

Desperate to live, Tom Harper began to eat the algae that he used to feed the shellfish that he raised on his Unique Sea Farms.  Though his daughter, Haarsma, thought he had lost his mind, this desperate act proved to be the best thing Tom Harper could have done.  It literally saved his life.

According to Mr. Harper, the cancerous lung tumors stopped growing. Mr. Harper also reported that "They did 11 sites for biopsy and all of them were clear."  Mr. Harper also noticed that eating the algae cleared his dependence on insulin.  A man who once took 88 units of insulin daily, now lives a live that is insulin free.  Mr. Harper claims that he can now eat whatever he wants.  His daughter claims that after eating the pure algae, she lost weight quickly and effectively without even trying. Mr. Harper was given 9 months to live in 2004. He is still alive today in 2o11, running his Sea Farms company and living the rest of his life. Mr. Harper gives tours of his Sea Farms to see how the phytoplankton/algae is harvested.  He has also since developed a product based on the amount of algae that he was eating daily: that he thinks cured his malignant mesothelioma cancer.

A mesothelioma cancer diagnosis can be completely devastating. However, people like Tom Harper show you what you can do with some perseverance and the will to live.  A cancer diagnosis does not have to mean a death sentence. His doctors were not able to say whether or not it was the algae that delivered this miraculous cure. However, they were able to verify that he was cancer clear. Mr. Harper believes, even today, that it was his algae-marine phytoplankton that delivered him for his death sentence.

Tom Harper is an inspiration to many people who are fighting this dreaded disease, as well as other forms of cancer.  The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a believe that you must treat the whole person in order to treat the disease properly. Tom Harper, also holds that same mindset and believes that his miracle algae did just that.


The UMAC Marine Phytoplanton Capsules is said to contain the same amount that Tom Harper consumed in order to reverse his illness.  You can get the UMAC Marine Phytoplankton from Amazon.


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UMAC Marine Phytoplankton Used by Tom Harper for MesotheliomaCredit: Amazon.comUMAC Marine Phytoplankton Used by Tom Harper for Mesothelioma (Liquid)Credit:

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 A Note about Silver and Cancer. The National Institute of Health (PubMed) has published documents about the effectiveness of silver in nano particles being used to treat affected cancer cells.  There has been a lot of bad press about silver, but in truth the organized medical institutions still use it and used it widely and effectively before the invention of antibiotics.  Before resigning yourself to death, speak to your doctor about trying all options, including so called "alternative." Consult a Natropath if you need to.  There are many writings about the use of silver helping to restore affected cancer cells to normal.  Here is a good blog to read about the use of silver an cancer. Do your own study on pharmaceutical made colloidal silverand how it can help you  fight your disease.  Always speak to your doctor about trying any new treatment including dietary supplements such as silver. Also, here's a good site that discusses the medical research of silver to treat serious diseases.  I am not affiliated with the Invive orSilver Protein Mild websites nor the above blog, but they have some good information that could be useful to someone.  Good Luck and just remember that the bible tells us, that for every illness, there is a treatment or cure.



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Inside Tom Harper's Unique Sea Farm (As you can see he's alive and well)