mesothelioma therapy

Treatments for Malignant Mesothelioma and Asbestos Poisoning

A protective lining covers most of the organs in our body known as the mesothelioma. This covering can develop a rare form of cancer known as the malignant mesothelioma, caused by a type of silicate mineral, known as asbestos. This form of cancer mostly develops in people who get exposed to asbestos and inhale its fibers or dust. While malignant mesothelioma is known as the stubborn cancer because it is quite resistant to treatment, there are some treatment options available to people with a mesothelioma injury To figure out which mesothelioma therapy is right however, it is important to go through a number of scans, biopsies, asbestos screening, and x-rays to determine the location and extent of the cancer.

Treatment of mesothelioma is commonly surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Another type of treatment is also available, although not as used, known as the biological treatment. Mesothelioma therapy is usually considered a good option if malignant mesothelioma injury is discovered in its early stages. A short discussion of each type of treatment can provide more insight into the effectiveness of each.

Surgery is usually an option for younger, healthier patients. Surgery is known to significantly provide relief from the symptoms of mesothelioma cancer and can slow down the progression of this type of cancer. After determining the extent of the cancer, doctors surgically remove the tumor and often remove the surrounding organ tissue that it has spread to. Surgery is a great option and can often cure malignant mesothelioma, especially if it is discovered in the earlier stages and if the organs it affects are able to recover successfully. Often surgery is followed by medication and a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.

Chemotherapy: Is also recommended for older patients and works by using certain chemical agents or drugs that destroy malignant tissues and cells. There are two kinds of treatments; the single agent chemotherapy and a combination chemotherapy treatment. The single agent chemotherapy treatment uses only type of drug, while combination chemotherapy uses of more than one. Although chemotherapy is not a cure for malignant mesothelioma, chemotherapy treatment helps in many other ways. It prevents the spread of the disease and somewhat slows the growth of the tumor. Chemotherapy is often used before surgeries to reduce the size of the existing tumor and is often continued after surgery, to destroy any remaining cancerous cells.

Radiation: An intense X-ray treatment that damages and kills cancer cells, this type of treatment is usually used to slow down the cancer and is not a cure for malignant mesothelioma. Patients, who cannot withstand surgery, generally opt for radiation therapy, as it helps relieve the painful symptoms of this type of cancer. Radiation therapy is also used after surgery and prevents the recurrence of cancer cells.

Biological Therapy: This works by strengthening the immune system and causing it to fight the cancer within the body. This therapy works by using drugs that are injected into the body, that give the immune system added strength and boost which cause it to use its natural defenses against cancer.

While there are many other therapies available to fight this mesothelioma injury and asbestos poisoning, they are still in their experimental stages. Yoga, acupuncture and pain killers can help reduce the physical pain experienced during cancer, while regular checkups can help detect it at an early stage and increase the chances of beating this cancer.