African Americans under 30

Message to My Young African American Brothers and Sisters Under the Age of 30.

There has been a lot of so -called discontent that may be rumbling around African American African Americans Under 30communities that President Barak Obama is not doing enough for our communities.  Yes and No, his presidency will and cannot change all of the necessary social and economic issues we have in our communities.  We have yet to earn that right, the social and economic issues that we are faced with is our responsibility.  We must put the work in for the next generation to enjoy. 

The First African American President is the result of a group of young people who put that work in when they were our age, people such as our parents, young people such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Mrs. Rosa Parks, just to name a few.  These young people were not even considered to be in main stream America, what they wanted at the time was to have civil rights as an American, they wanted to be considered Americans with equal rights as their white counterparts. 

Little Rock 9-Under Age 30Social and Economic rights played the back seat to Jim Crow Laws, whites only signs, Mob Lynching for saying something “inappropriate” to a white woman. This was a time when our Mothers and Grandmothers could only work as house “Help” to white families.  Yes Economic situations were harsh, (no seriously, S*** was really F***ed up for these people, before this time we were newly freed slaves…), so economically we could barely survive and we weren’t meant to.  One of the last issues Dr King tried to implement was the Poor Peoples Movement, soon after, he was killed. (This shows how difficult this situation is going to be…we are talking about people’s money!)

Rosa Parks(98457)But, the youth did something about it, they stood up, they organized, they came together and DEMANDED change.  The YOUTH of that generation changed, they got behind the few leaders and many became their OWN leaders and affected change. The Black people’s movement soon became the struggle for all other non-whites such as Latinos, Asians, Indians, Native Americans, Women and the list goes on, but it was African American Youth that first stood up against the status quo. And through the course of time they won, President Barak Obama is the reward for THEIR struggle.

It now is our time. The Poor Peoples Movement is now our struggle.  The Economic situation has become a problem for most of mid America, yes of course, when they sneeze we catch pneumonia, but in reality no one is coming to save us, our Hoods (and lets stop calling it “hoods” these are our homes where our mothers and grandmothers live and go to church)  our communities  are for us to support, and grow.  The Obama Administration (Obama as a President) is fighting with the economic powers that be to loosen the grip around the neck of the average wage earner American.  And they are not willing to let go.  Economic Self interest should be combined and fight for economic equality across the board (think Occupy Wall Street).  But they do not specifically address our issues, (inner city schools, profit prison farms of minorities, drugs, violence, etc. you know the deal).

The situation that we want, we must focus our energies on, (occupy 125th st, occupy CrenshawPorgy And Bess Blvd you get the picture).  I don’t have an answer, but I believe WE have an answer and I truly believe WE are that answer.

 PS. Individuals who want immediate change within their own lives, must first change their thinking.  I have and continue to use this technique myself.