Protein Bars are not only a fantastic way to add protein into your diet plan, but they taste delicious as well. A word of warning though, not all protein bars in the marketplace today taste delicious. So its a good tip to do a little bit of research first before you buy. So that you always buy products that not only contain lots of high quality protein but taste good as well. Speaking from personal experience some of the best tasting bars out there are the fabulous range of Met Rx protein bars. This supplement manufacturer has been around for many years, and are one of the market leaders in the world of nutrition. So you instantly know before you buy from them, that you are getting high quality muscle building supplements

Met Rx have a large range of different protein bars to choose from, which flavor and product you choose is going to be down to your individual taste and needs. Some bars contain more protein, some bars contain more carbohydrates and calories, so always choose a product that fits your particular needs, by doing this you a guaranteeing that your nutritional needs are being met and you are not going to waste your hard earned cash on supplements that are not suitable for you and your fitness requirements.

Let's take a closer look at just two different Met Rx protein bars that are currently out there in the marketplace to purchase.

met rx protein barsThe first protein bar that we are going to look at is the Met Rx Big 100 Colossal bar. This product is one of the biggest and newest protein bars on the market and contains a whopping 32g of high quality protein in every 100g bar. The Big 100 is available to buy in a whopping five different delicious tasting flavors. Which are Peanut, Apple Pie, Caramel Peanut, Choc Chip and Cookie Crunch. My personal favorite out of the range is the Caramel Peanut, it truly is, a scrumptious protein bar. When you eat it, you feel like you are eating a normal chocolate bar and feel a little bit guilty that you are straying from your diet plan. When in reality you are sticking to your diet and getting the high quality protein that your body requires for muscle growth. Remember though if you are on a calorie controlled diet plan, this product is fairly high in calories at 400, so you will need to take this into account when you are constructing your daily diet requirements.

To get the most of out your Met Rx protein Bars its very important that you always drink around 8 ounces of water when you consume each bar. A word of warning as well, these bars contain sugar alcohols, which if consumed excessively may cause a laxative effect.

met rx meal replacement barsThe second Met Rx Protein bar that we are going to look at is the Met Rx Pure Protein Plus. This product is a slightly smaller bar than the previous one at 85 grams. This doesn't mean though, you are going to get less protein, again the protein content in this bar is 32 grams. This product is available in four different flavors, which are choc chunk, choc peanut, mud pie fusion and choc fudge. Personally I haven't tried this protein bar myself, but having read several reviews on the Internet, the mud pie fusion flavor seems to be the best flavor to choose in terms of taste. These bars are fantastic for people who are counting the calories as well, because each bar only contains 310 calories.