Metabolism is defined as the sum of chemical and physical changes that take place in all living organisms. These changes include synthesis and breakdown of body constituents as well as the uptake and the distribution of chemical compounds within the body, including the bio-transformation of substances and the elimination of compounds along with their metabolites.

This explanation is rather a mouthful for people who are dealing with sluggish thyroid, compromised metabolism and increased consumption of fatty food products. Simply put, in the world of weight loss, metabolism is the key to effective burning of calories, which aid in proper weight loss.

The Not-So-Simple Case of Bad Fat

Dietary fat is categorized in two, "bad fat" and "healthy fat". But the underlying cause of weight gain is on how bad fat is broken down or metabolized in the body. If fat is not broken down properly in the system, it can accumulate in tissues and contribute to weight gain.

The modern diet primarily consists of fast food and processed food products, all of which contain an outrageous amount of fat. While the body produces natural enzymes to metabolize food, its production is outnumbered by the overloading and overconsumption of processed products with high calorie content. This ultimately results to the sluggish metabolism, which consequently lead to weight gain. When left unchecked, excessive weight can lead to overweight and obesity issues - a far too common problem these days.

Amp up Metabolism and Reduce Fat Accumulation

If you are dealing with serious weight issues, suffering from gas attacks as well as burp a lot and often prone to sickness, you may have an abnormally low metabolism. To boost sluggish metabolism, increased intake of water and regular exercise can significantly help. But to achieve optimum results, intake of health supplements designed to increase metabolism can further enhance weight loss at a more rapid rate.

Metabolic Nutrition Systems Advocare MNS is one of the products on the market designed to help individuals meet their weight management challenges. It works as a metabolic enhancer and at the same time contains a powerful blend of herbal extracts to help curb appetite by targeting the brain's appetite control center.

One of the remarkable ingredients of this product is 5-HTP, a precursor of serotonin which sends "fullness signals" to the brain to help you limit your food intake. In a number of medical studies, serotonin has been identified as the primary neurochemical involved in appetite and mood. It was found out that low serotonin levels are closely associated with depression, low energy, excessive eating and obesity.

With the combination of enhanced metabolism and controlled appetite, the effectiveness of regular exercise and limited food intake is further enhanced and the whole weight loss process becomes more efficiently. This provides that synergistic combination that ensures faster results to best combat fat and excess weight.

Individuals 18 and above can take this health supplement and enjoy its benefits without any adverse side effects. Weight loss is not only difficult and challenging, it can also be a highly frustrating process and to attain a degree of success you will need all the help you can get to achieve the results you want.