For most people that don't own a traditional garage, they usually result to parking their cars on the street. After your home, you car is the second most expensive item you own. Why would you want to leave it exposed to harsh rain and snow, beat down by the sun, and shorten the life of your vehicle. It's absolutely ridiculous, right. So if a traditional attached garage doesn't work for your current situation, there are affordable alternatives for you, such as prefab garages. The best one being a metal carport.

The main reason why I strongly suggest metal carports as prefab garage option for people that come to my site is because they are incredibly sturdy and reliable. They are perfect long term storage structures for not only your car, but also your personal belongings. There various types of carports to choose from depending on your climate. You can choose a canvass carport if you live a warm climate that doesn't experience any rain. Honestly, you really want to stay away from this if you plan on using your carport for more than a year or two.Furthermore, if you do live in a place where you experience snow or rain at some point during the year, your canvass carport will not hold up. You'll have to constantly go out and clear the snow off the roof so that it doesn't cave in and after the winter season is over, the canvass will end up looking dingy and dirty.

With a metal carport, you'll be able to avoid all of that. It will withstand any climate, and look good no matter what the weather is outside. But before we get into it, you'll have to determine what type of metal you won't your carport to be constructed from. The two most common metals are steel and aluminum. You'll be able to find a great steel carport large enough to fit one vehicle at a great price. So save for a couple of more months, purchase a metal carport instead of a canvass one.

Price affects all of us, no matter how much money we make. We all want a good deal, so it's perfectly understandable to get a good price on anything we want and need. The good thing is that you can get a great metal carport at a very affordable price. Sure, you can get a canvass carport or a canopy at a more affordable price, but it won't last as long as a metal one. You'll have to end up replacing it regularly, which will end up costing you more in the long run.

Before you start shopping for your metal carport, here are some of the most trusted manufacturers: Handi-Hut, Columbia Equipment, Orlando Steel Enterprises, Inc. and Ambruster Manufacturing are just a couple of the really good ones. If you're really on a tight budget, you can always go with an aluminum carport instead of steel carports. Although aluminum carports don't last as long as steel, it is still reliable and sturdier than a canvass carport. But, if you can save just a little longer, you can get a steel carport that will last years longer than an aluminum one.

You can pick up a great metal carport kit anywhere from $1,200 to $2,100. But, if you live in a very dry climate, a canopy can do the trick. Well, if you're storing an expensive car or very personal belongings, you'll want to go get a canvass canopy at the very least. But, if you're looking for basic protection, a canvass canopy will do the trick. You can pick one up for about $150 and up.