There are many things to consider before you invest money in any kind of outdoor shelter. Metal carports are small investments when you consider the cost of building a new garage or addition to your home. The market is full of carport choices including materials, styles, sizes, and installations. Materials and roof style should be a top priority in the decision making process but for many consumers, budget restrictions and appearance seem to take precedent. It is absolutely wise to shop within your budget but you must make sure you are getting the best type of structure within your budgeted amount. Appearance is not something you want to focus on because most carports are intended for the specific function of providing shelter for vehicles, equipment, or entertainment purposes.

When considering materials, make sure you are looking at both the support and framing of the structure. The support should preferably be made of galvanized steel because it will need to withstand the weight of the roof and any additional strain that may be brought on by climatic or weather related events. If you are purchasing an enclosed structure, take a close look at the framing materials and manufacturing. A continuous frame make of some kind of steel material is going to give you ample protection from high winds and debris damage. Aluminum siding seems to be the top choice for most manufacturers but look out for wood or imitation wood siding because they may not be as effective and durable.

The style of a carport roof is also worth considering because of weather related conditions. For instance, an A-frame roof works best in areas of heavy winds and snow because the sloped roof is more successful at channeling the wind and it also prevents snow drifts from forming on top of the structure. Layers of snowdrift on top of a structure can become a problem especially if a structure is made of weak support materials or if the structure has been assembled and installed incorrectly. A structure that is improperly anchored and secured down can also become a problem during periods of high winds and heavy snowfall. If you plan to purchase a soft top carport, make sure it is taken down during inclement weather conditions because they are not intended for periods of high wind and heavy snowfall.

Most metal carports are either intended for semi-attached or stand alone installations. If you purchase a semi-attached structure, make sure it has a sturdy building for support. Even though the main support will come from the support beams on the opposite side, the building will serve as some of the support and be needed in order to withstand the weight of snow or the pressure of high winds and heavy rainfall. A good seal between the building and the metal carport roofing is also important for keeping rain and snow out of your carport area. Regardless of which style, size, material, and installation you choose, always make sure to properly prep the area before you install and follow the assembly or installation instructions fully.

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