Treasure Hunting

Just Below the Surface

Walks on the beach can be exhilarating. Exercise is a wonderful thing. A mile up and back on a sandy shore can be very beneficial to your health. Taking along a metal detector can add the fun and excitement of a treasure hunt to every walk.

Metal detectors today come in a variety of price ranges. The price you pay will be directly related to how much the machine has to offer. Basic units can be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars and these units are equipped with discriminating capabilities that will only alert the user when they run over a metal that's been allowed, like gold or silver. Junk metal, will not show up.

Using a Metal DetectorCredit: SXC.HUAs the price goes up, the quality of the machine will also go up. The features get a lot more sophisticated. Some machines can run several thousand dollars, or more, and they will show you exactly what's in the ground with a picture on a flat screen.

Your metal detector will show you a gold ring, a silver ring, a coin, or a beer cap, all in the form of different icons. It will also tell you exactly how deep the item is. It will pinpoint the location of the item, down to a 2 inch circumference and this will minimize digging.

Multi frequency machines are available now. These are said to be the "cream of the crop" by enthusiasts. Limiting digging to only treasures and eliminating "junk digs" saves a lot of time and will allow you to search a great deal larger area, in the same amount of time.

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Where To Hunt For Treasure With Your New Metal Detector

Where to hunt is the next question the new metal detector owner will have to answer. Historical maps and other documents that can be found on-line or at your local library can identify old stores or trading posts.

Another good locale would be an area that hosted carnivals or a circus. These venues used coins for most of their attractions and the children of the day surely dropped plenty. Researching your home town is a good start and, when that runs out of opportunity, go to neighboring towns.

If you live in an area where historical battles took place, old musket balls and even cannon balls can be found. Military belt buckles and medals may also be found on this type of treasure hunt.

Basically the spots you search will differ according to your town's geographical history. Some areas were just settled earlier then others.

Take advantage of older schools, as well as noted wagon trails. Some of today's roads started out as dirt trails. These old trails would see horse and buggies and even covered wagons. Searching along the sides of these ancient paths, can sometimes produce coins and artifacts from the roads original era.

No matter where you end up searching with your new metal detector, your journey will be filled with the excitement that comes with unearthing treasures from the past.

Finding out just who walked that ground before you and what they were doing is all possible with a good metal detector.

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