Don't know what to collect? Looking for a line of collectibles to sell? Invest in a good metal detector, and head outside.

My son got one of these for a gift, and at first it drove me nuts. I kept hearing it beeping, and everywhere we went this thing came. But even for that fact it was geared to his age, at the time, this metal detector found him all kinds of neat treasures.

In the beginning he took it to the grocery store, and went along the aisles and placed the circle disc part under the shelves, and kept coming out with money. The store manager said he could keep any coins he found, so he did well that day.

Next was the park, and other than trying to stop him from digging up the parks grass, he found older coins, and buttons, old metal toy cars, and in one case a old tin soldier..

Best Metal Detector

Is one that is strong enough to pick up the signal for that buried treasure a few inches down.  You don't want to miss out on hidden treasures.  Garret carries the perfect metal detector.

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Garret 1139070 Ace 250 Metal Detector
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this is a good quality unit and you can find many buried treasures with the best metal detector.

Years later, I have gone to antique stores, and collectible shows, to see all kinds of odd and wonderful things. I love history and checking out artifacts. I would ask the vendor where they would find such things. Expecting to hear about exotic trips of treasure hunting around the world, I was surprised by her answer, that she whispered to me, that they (her and her hubby) would spend the weekend out with their metal detectors.

Metal Detecting In Your Own Backyard

They would start off in their own backyard, and if you can get a good one, they can detect metal a good few inches under the ground. You can find all kinds of treasures, such as metal debris and coins and many other things from when your house was built. If your house is quite old, you could even find hand made nails and building materials. Many times these things would just end up buried under the grass and work their way down.

This vendor told me, that for the most part, you are constantly finding nails and things of no use, but every so often you find something really cool. The only "nasty" thing she dug up from her yard was a old metal lunch box. I asked how that could be bad? Since metal lunchboxes are considered collectibles today, and especially themed ones from the early 50's and 60's. She said, she thought the same thing, and had found it about 6 inches under the grass. But when she opened it, she also found the skeleton of what appeared to be someone's pet hamster! She put it back!

Probably years ago, a child buried his/her pet in their favorite lunchbox, so you do have to be careful, but other than that, she had many different items on display and for sale. Belt buckles, coins, old buttons, ash trays, all kinds of things, that she found while out and about on walks, and sells at shows to make extra money.

If you love to discover treasure, then maybe you should consider purchasing a good metal detector and find your own line of collectibles.