If you own big dogs then metal dog feeders are going to be a good choice for you. The steel used in this product usually comes galvanized making it longer lasting and weather resistant, look for 26 gauge galvanized steel when choosing a feeder. They have an hinged lid which is easily opened so that you can keep adding dog food to the feeder when you need it.

Most metal dog feeders work by the dog pushing its head against the hinged front panel so that it can access the food that is contained within it. The metal edges are usually rolled so that all sharp edges are removed so that the dog doesn't hurt and injure itself during feeding.

Most metal dog feeders will come with mounting brackets that you can mount the feeder to the wall to stop it from moving during use. The feeders come in a variety of different sizes with some dog feeders being able to hold at least 50 pounds of dog food. Making this an ideal product for people with more than one dog within the household.

Metal dog feeders come in all shape and sizes, some feeders are fed automatically by gravity, which is a fantastic time saver because you will spend a lot less time making sure that your dogs are fed. Most dogs will eat an amount of food each day which meets their daily requirements. This product is fantastic at ensuring that no food is wasted and left their to attract pests and rodents.

But were do I buy metal dog feeders, well me personally I find amazon to be one of the best places to buy this product. The reasons beings they are competitively priced, you are buying from a well known and reputable online retailer and you can read the honest and unbiased reviews of the product. Customers and readers are allowed to review the products leaving 1 star against their review if the product is bad and building it up to 5 stars should you find the product outstanding. What you will also notice with this product is that it is quite a large item, so shipping rates can cost you quite a bit if you don't shop around.

Before you buy a metal dog feeder online, check out your local shops to see if you can buy one local, it might cost a little bit more to buy. But you might end up saving money, when you deduct the postage that you would have to pay if you purchased the product online.