Are you someone who takes pride in your garden? If you have spent any amount of effort on making it beautiful, you undoubtedly also want to enjoy its beauty at leisure. But just drawing up a cheap folding chair or plastic reclining chair is just so low class, don't you think so? Form matters as much as function. You really need suitable furniture that complements your garden, not something that is added as an afterthought. Good quality metal garden furniture can serve this role well.

Regardless of your taste, there is a suitable style of metal garden furniture that enhances your garden waiting for you out there. You just need to be patient and look for it. Metal garden furniture lasts a long time, and good quality metal furniture is a major investment. Do not rush into getting something that you will regret.

There are three main types of metal garden furniture available today - aluminium, wrought iron and steel tubing. Wrought iron furniture comes in many styles and can last for many generations with proper care. You can still find beautiful examples of benches and other furniture like this dating back to the Victorian era. Wrought iron garden furniture is heavy and sturdy. They are usually painted to prevent rust, although some are varnished with a clear lacquer. The designs are usually quite ornate. Still, there is such a principle as too much of a good thing ... let your personal style and the design of your garden guide you - sometimes less is more and a slightly more straightforward design is a better complement for your garden. Do not forget to choose the right color scheme of your paint as well. Green paint will help your wrought iron furniture to blend into your garden, but sometimes a splash of color in the right place can serve to bring notice to a particular feature of which you are proud.

You can also find quite a lot of metal garden furniture made from steel tubes. The steel is usually not the highest grade, and may be painted or zinc-coated. Painted steel furniture is better because you can maintain it yourself. The tubes usually have a circular or rectangular cross-section. The designs are typically plain and simple. The price can be cheap although there is also zinc-coated or chromed steel tube furniture masquerading as more expensive aluminium furniture. This kind of metal garden furniture is best painted some dull color that lets it blend into your garden unobtrusively. It is somewhat low class and you do not really want to draw your visitors' notice to it. The purpose of this kind of garden furniture is strictly utilitarian - to provide comfortable sitting so that you can enjoy your garden.

A lot of modern metal garden furniture is made from aluminium, the same metal they use to build jumbo jets. Aluminium tubes are lightweight but nearly as strong as steel tubes. When the aluminium furniture is properly designed, they can withstand quite a lot of stress and last a long time. It does not hurt that aluminium is shiny and does not rust. Of course, aluminium is also more expensive than steel. This is why you can find unscrupulous salesmen passing off cheap zinc-coated iron or steel garden furniture as more expensive aluminium furniture. Some of these crooks will tell you that you need to paint your aluminium furniture or varnish it to prevent rust. This is sheer nonsense.

Modern styles of metal garden furniture often use shiny aluminium. The right design in a suitable setting can really highlight and set off the beauty of your garden. On the other hand, the wrong design or the wrong placement could spoil the effect and make it seem like you have bad taste. It takes a person with a certain flair and self-confidence to get the best out of aluminium garden furniture. Not many people can manage it.

If you choose to go for metal garden furniture made from aluminium, make sure you get a guarantee in black and white that it is really aluminium. Keep this guarantee and the receipt in a safe place. If your "aluminium" furniture starts rusting, you can bring charges of fraud against the people who sold you the fake aluminium furniture.

Besides providing a place to sit, the right metal garden furniture can complement and highlight the beauty of a well designed garden. Whether you go for a modern design or classic design, whether you choose an unobtrusive green color or the bright shiny metal look - it all depends on your garden. Think carefully, use your imagination and take your time. It took a long time to get your garden right, so make sure you also spend a suitable amount of time looking for the right garden furniture.