Loft beds can play a big role in solving the space problem that many apartment dwellers face. Whether you are living with roommates and have a limited amount of personal space, or are living alone in a small one bedroom apartment, loft beds can help create an area that serves as both a home office and a bedroom. People have been building their own loft spaces for years, but these commercial options are easier to install and do not require permission from the building manager or landlord.

Adults or older teens who are considering a loft bed should first make sure that the model they are considering is designed for adult use. Most metal bed frames are more than capable of supporting the weight of a sleeping adult, but some wooden lofts are indicated for use only by smaller children. Manufacturers clearly mark the weight indications on the product's packaging. Those who are shopping online should be able to find this information in the item's listing.

Some loft beds come with built in desks, shelves or tables. These are the best option for those who are furnishing their apartments from scratch. They will save the expense of investing in another piece of furniture, and buyers can rest assured that the desk will fit well beneath the frame. For those who already own a desk or dresser that they would like to hold onto, look instead for a loft bed that has no features built into the frame. Not only do they allow one to add their own furniture, they typically cost less than those with more amenities.

Be aware that some frames require box springs while others do not. If the ceiling height in your apartment is low, try to find a frame that will not require a box spring. It will take up valuable space and make you feel more confined while in bed.

Metal loft beds are a great way to create an office and sleeping space in a small apartment.