If you are like most people you've probably got a lot of coffee mugs cluttering up your kitchen cabinets, a coffee mug tree stand set may be a good way to de-clutter your cabinets and open more space for food storage and pantry items. After all coffee mugs are often utilized in the kitchen and don't necessarily need to be stored behind closed doors.

Why Buy A Mug Tree?

Typically the more frequent an item is used in the kitchen the better suited it is for storage on the countertop itself. In contrast items like toasters or blenders which are used less frequently are better suited to be stored in the cabinets. By getting your coffee mugs out of the cabinets and onto a wooden coffee mug tree stand you can easily free up space to move less frequently used items back into the kitchen cabinets.

Another reason why transitioning to the use of a wooden or metal coffee mug tree set is that these types of kitchen tools are not only functional but they are decorative too. Unlike an electric mixer which may take up space on your counter a coffee mug tree will be both functional but will also look much better tot eh casual observer than a small electrical appliance which is not used very often. Coffee mug trees can come in wood metal, or plastic and they can be designed in very simple ways or highly decorative ways so it's up to you how much emphasis on aesthetics you are willing to go.

Cost Of Mug Stands

Like most kitchen accessories or house wares basic items which serve a purpose can generally be found for a very reasonable price however goods which are manufactured with a highly decorative design appeal are always going to command a higher price. The added price typically goes into the higher end materials used in manufacturing the piece of furniture or kitchen wares and to the care given in the manufacturing process to increase the design element of the rack or stand.

Wooden Coffee Cup Stands

In the case of wooden coffee mug trees you may want to consider a few other details in deciding which coffee mug stand to buy. Wooden stands which will be sitting on your counter may look better if the wood is the same as or at least goes with the wood that your kitchen cabinets are made out of. For instance if your kitchen cabinets are a dark wood then a light wood mug tree may look slightly out of place and vice versa.

Metal Coffee Cup Stands

Likewise you may also want to consider the styling of your kitchen when buying functional accessories such as these. If you have a modern styled kitchen a country inspired tree stand can look similarly out of place however a modern looking kitchen with clean lines and an industrial design would probably look great with a brushed nickel or stainless steel metal coffee mug tree stand. In terms of styling it always pays to look for the exact item tat will go with your space rather than buy whatever item happens to be sold in your local store.

Racks And Stands - A Few Shopping Tips

For this reason you should take a little time to visit you local discount stores like Wal-Mart and Target and your local home goods stores like Bed Bath and Beyond however to find exceptional variety in design at the best prices possible you should also look to the many online specialty home wares stores. These stores operate under a warehousing environment giving them the freedom to stock far more items than their off line competitors. Specialty stores like American Modern Living and Crate And Barrel carry large selections of a wide range of home furnishings. You can find everything from wall mounted magazine racks to postcard display stands to a portable clothes rack on wheels. Kitchen accessories like mug trees are just part of the wide varieties these stores offer.

If however you decide to shop at kitchen oriented specialty stores you may have even better luck finding exactly what you want. Many kitchen only online retailers offer items which cannot usually be found anywhere else including decorative wooden wall plate racks and countertop plate storage. In fact many items for the kitchen can be very decoratively designed for countertop use and storage and decorative coffee mug stands fit this description perfectly. Stores along the lines of Rack Pronto and Kitchen Supply Shopper are great places to start looking for quality options that are both highly beautiful and well made.

Of course shopping for any decorative home furnishing that is meant to be functional as well should come with some pitfalls. It is easy to overpay for design and quality craftsmanship. To keep yourself grounded you should always keep your budget in mind and stick to products that offer more value for your dollar. Doing some comparison shopping at Amazon or on eBay is a good way to find unique items similar to what you want to buy at different price ranges. On eBay especially you can see what used pieces are going so you can know your purchase will hold up in value or not. You may even decide that buying used may be the best way to go.

No matter what type of coffee cup tree stand you are looking for make sure you do plenty of research on price points. Many tree stands will very greatly in price and just because a price is low or high for an individual cup tree doesn't mean it is a good deal. Because a coffee mug tree is similar to a hall tree coat rack in that it is a skinny and tall unit with pegs for hooks on top and legs for a base on the bottom means you want a stand which is both secure and stable on the bottom so that it doesn't tip over and a stand who's pegs and hooks are sturdy and secure. You don't want to buy a cheap stand and have it topple over or have a hook come loose because unlike a hall tree dropping coats to the floor a fallen mug or coffee cup will break and cause some damage. You can always look in thrift stores for high quality options at used prices if cost is a really big concern but sometimes it's worth paying a little more for a quality and long lasting item.