A metal plant stand is useful for its efficient and safe way of keeping various flower pots in your garden, and is a popular variety of plant stand. A metal plant stand is not just an accessory used to enhance the beauty of houses, gardens or offices, but it also helps to efficiently utilize the available space. Metal plant stands can be placed anywhere in the house, they will add life to lonely corners of our gardens or balconies.

Metal plant stands are available in various materials, such as copper, brass, aluminum and steel. You can choose the material that you want for the metal stand in your garden. The price of brass and copper metal plant stands varies from $90 to $500; that of steel and aluminum varies from $60 to more than $400, depending upon their size.

Types of metal plant stands

The metal shaped plants can be crafted into many shapes. The most popular are listed below:

  • Forged three tier plant stands allow you to place three pots of plants in the stand.
  • Square plant stands are practical and look very attractive.
  • Metal foot plant stands are shaped like the foot of human being, hence their name.

Advantages of metal plant stands

There are several advantages of using metal plant stands for your outdoor and indoor gardens.

  • They make houses, gardens or offices more attractive and give them personality.
  • Relocating plants is very easy. Generally, stands have attached wheels, providing mobility, so they can be easily moved when needed, such as in extreme weather conditions.
  • Metal plant stands protect your plants from getting damaged in poor weather condition.
  • The metal plant stands have affordable prices, ranging from $40 to $500, depending upon their type and material used.
  • They help maximizing your space utilization, especially if you have little available space in your garden.
  • They help maintaining the floor clean, preventing discoloration of the floor. You must have noticed that whenever you place a plant in your balcony, or in any indoor or outdoor location, it leaves a spot where it is kept. Using a metal plant stand can prevent this from happening.   

Maintenance needs of metal plant stands

Although metal plant stands look good, they have several maintenance issues:

  • Coating of the stand. The metal stand should be coated once a year to prevent its rusting and to add a nice finish.
  • Welding of the stand. Always check the stand for necessary repairs; if it is cracked, it should be welded.
  • Painting the metal stand. Another way to prevent rusting and to increase the life of the metal plant stand is to paint it. You can use various colors, enhancing the beauty of the stand and that of your garden.

 Where to buy

You can buy metal plant stands from your nearby Wal-Mart store or garden center. If you love shopping online, you can purchase metal plant stands from the links mentioned below: