The roof is one of the most fundamental parts of a home. This is why such care and effort goes into selecting the perfect roofing materials. Many competing materials have been used over the years, each with their touted benefits. In the modern era, metal roofing materials have seen far greater use than in any other time in history. This is because new advances in materials engineering have allowed for superior roofing which keeps the many advantages of this category while minimizing the disadvantages. There are many excellent pros to installing metal roofing over other kinds.

Long Life Cycle

Metal roofing is famous for lasting longer than almost any other conventional roofing material. Their life span tends to be measured in terms of decades instead of years. The long life cycle of metal roofing materials translates directly in saved money and time since less replacement and maintenance will need to be done over the years. Metal lasts longer because it is resistant to many of the factors which cause other materials to fail, including mildew, rot, insects, and fire.

Lighter Weight

While it may not be intuitively obvious at first glance, metal roofing is actually far lighter than other conventional materials. While metals are denser than most other materials, less of them is required to do the same kind of job. Less total volume means less total weight. As an example, take concrete and tile. For a 100 square foot area of roof, concrete roofing weighs in at 900 pounds. Tile is less, but still hefty at 750 pounds. Metal roofing, on the other hand, is far less - a mere 50 to 150 pounds. The actual weight will depend on the material involved. Copper roofing and aluminum roofing can hardly be said to weigh the same, after all.

Energy Savings

Keeping a house cool is one of the biggest contributors to monthly energy bills. This is especially the case during warm summer months, or in naturally hot regions. Metal roofing materials actually reduce energy costs by keeping the house significantly cooler. Because metal is reflective, metal roofs don't absorb as much sunlight as other roofing materials. Less energy absorbed means less energy transmitted into the home. And that means less energy for your air conditioner to remove.

Lower Fire Risks

One of the great things about metal is that it doesn't tend to burn. Compared with conventional roofing materials like asphalt shingles, the risk is practically negligible. Even insurance companies recognize this fact, and many of them will lower their home owners insurance rates for those that have installed metal roofs. A lower risk of fire means greater safety and security for yourself and your family.

Lower Flood Risks

Flooding during heavy storms is always a concern. Even if your foundation in secure, you're still in trouble if your roof is susceptible to leaking. Metal roofing materials have a much lower chance of flooding than practically any other material on the market today. This is one of the reasons why they tend to be used on buildings with a low pitch to the roof. A lower flood risk raises your level of safety and security.