Metal switch plate covers are a great accent to any room. It goes with almost any décor and adds a modern touch to update a room. Outlet covers are used to cover the hole that is made in the wall when outlets and light switches are installed. There is nothing like a big hole and a bunch of naked wires to mess up a nicely decorated room. Those naked wires are not only ugly but can be dangerous as well. Keeping them out of the way will keep adults, children, and pets from touching them and potentially injuring themselves. Whenever you install a plate cover you should make sure to check the wires to make sure that they are not exposed. Bare wires hiding behind a plate cover is bad for your home safety. No fire hazards allowed please.

There are a number of different styles that can be used when looking at metal outlet covers. Antique brass switch plates can add a touch of rustic or old world style to home. When using antique plates you've got to match up your period decorations. Where ever you find your switch plates should also carry matching outlet covers. Most rooms have more outlets than switches and keeping the same covers running through all of them will help pull the room together. Outlets covers tend to be a bit less fussy but using matching wood or metal will keep things from clashing too much. Styles and colors change every year and you may not be able to find a matching outlet cover if you wait too long.

There are a lot of different possible types of switches to cover and you should take a little time and do an inventory of each room that you plan to redecorate. How many single switches, double switches, 3 or 4 switches, outlets, and outlet switch combos do you need to replace? Write the total number down and don't forget to take that little note with you when shopping. You also need to remember what types of switches that you have. Toggle switches are the most common. These are the standard up and down on and off switches. There are also push button and rocking switches. It is possible that your home could have a combination of all three types. So count, recount, and make a list before you start looking for decorative switch plates. The worst way to shop for this type of item is to get to the store and start trying to remember just how many outlets and light switches you have in each room.

Victorian switch plates tend to have a lot of detail and scrolling along the edges. These can be cast in silver or brass and look more realistic if they are at least slightly distressed. Brushed nickel switch plates have a luster that is hard to beat. If shine isn't what you are in the mood for oil rubbed bronze switch plates gives a beautiful matte finish. Western switch plates are often made of either wood or stamped metal. These are frequently designed with horses or barbed wire. Faux rusted metal is a great choice for a western themed room. Personally I get a kick out of looking at the western themes. Buffalos, big cowboy boots, and barbed wire really tickle me.

The choices available in metal plates are practically unlimited. Decorative switch plates are not all that expensive. If what you want cannot be found in a brick and mortar store, this is an item that won't have too much added shipping and handling. They are pretty light even if you're buying oversized outlet covers. There are a lot of online retailers that specialize (or just carry) covers for your switches and outlets. Most aren't too expensive but if you really want to spend a lot of money I bet you can find a shop that has outrageously expensive doodads.

Another great thing about outlet covers is that they are really easy to install. Simply remove the screws with a flat headed screwdriver and remove the old cover and replace with the new fancy one. Even the most inexperienced person at home improvement can normally handle this task. Saying that…if you've been known to damage either yourself or a wall with a screwdriver perhaps you can get someone to assist you. Go ahead and give it a shot. Once you've done a couple it'll seem like no big deal to do the entire house.

Adding new covers to existing outlets and light switch plate covers is an easy way to update a room. If the family finances are stretched too thin to think about a more expensive project a few light switch covers are normally affordable. They can also be found to fit most light switches. You can get push button switch plates or rocker switch covers in whatever metal you choose to go with. Don't get them if your switches are toggle switches though. They won't fit.

If metal just won't do it for you, wood switch plate covers might be what you need. I'm personally a big fan of wood in certain situations. The kitchen is one place that for some reason I prefer wood to metal. Kitchen switch plate covers (roosters, ducks, or whatever) are as easy to find as any other style. For some reason the kitchen themes seem to lend themselves to wood. Wood comes in painted, unfinished, and finished so it is easy to find something that will match your style. The living room, home office, and bathroom are also good choices for new covers. Just because I didn't mention them doesn't mean that you should ignore those rooms they need decorative switch plate covers too.

Simple fixes can do a lot for a room. Adding some metal switch plate covers in whatever style works is a fun, easy, and reasonable cheap project. Not only is it an easy project it is also one that is easy to change if you change your mind. Go crazy and get some Christmas tree or turkey covers and have a silly holiday.