A Metallic silver self-adhesive vinyl sheet can be a great investment for making stickers with your inkjet or premium color laser media.  There are tons of uses for this, and I’ll go over some of the standard and strange or unusual ways you can put them to use.  They have uses that go beyond standard decals.  Let’s go over some additional information about peel and stick metallic silver vinyl sheeting rolls or squares.


Standard and Unusual Uses

Stickers and Decals:  In various forms and uses, decals are probably the most common use for this type of shiny media.  Adhesive backed metallic silver or gold, green, red, yellow, or any other color can be used for making fancy stickers and decals.  This is probably the most popular and easy kid friendly craft project you’ll find.

Lettering/Numbering:  Another common use for metallic silver vinyl sheets in peel and stick metallic vinyl sheets is for letters and numbers.  There are literally hundreds of reasons a person or business might want to use reflective numbering and lettering around the house or in business.

Tattoos:  This type of shiny or glossy printer media can be used for tattoos of the peel and stick variety.  They are lots of fun for kids who love to put art on their bodies.  You’ll need to find the rub off media to make this one work properly.

Making Cards: Greeting cards, playing cards, and just about any other type of card you wish to design and put together as a craft project for children or adults with this type of printer media.  Don’t forget that you can get assorted colors and textures, like an embossed look.

Vehicle or Personal Reflectors:  You can put a strip of sticky backed metallic sheet vinyl on clothing to reflect light in the dark.  Other common uses would be on bikes, trailers, four wheelers, wagons, and anywhere else that reflective properties are desired.  Just use caution as some of the adhesive for outdoor use is semi-permanent, so it’s going to be stuck there.  It’s best to select re-positional types for this reason.

Magnets:  Magnetic media is available for printers, or you can simply cut a small piece of the sticky backed shiny printer media and attach to a small magnet for a kid-friendly arts and crafts project that they will love to put together with their creative ideas.

Car Decals/Bumper Stickers:  Automotive grade sparkly vinyl sheets in metallic silver or other colors can be used for vehicle decals, including bumper stickers.  Again, you might want to choose a re-positional product for this type of application, since it’s semi-permanent.

Window Stickers:  Snowflakes, names, and holiday themed ideas can all be made from this type of sparkly printer media.  The only limit is going to be your imagination with this type of self-adhesive film. Each holiday you can create your own decorations for the windows of your home.

Scrapbooking: Many people like to use this glossy, shiny media for scrapbooking projects.  It can add a nice looking, unique touch that you can tailor with your home printer to suit your needs.  This is another of the most common uses for this type of product.

Outdoor Use:  Some of the media can be used outdoors, not just indoors.  Outdoor grade metallic vinyl sheets can be used for any of the mentioned uses, so long as the product has been specifically designed for waterproof outdoor use.  Most of what you’ll find is indoor grade, so expect to pay a little more.


Finding Shiny Vinyl for Crafts

Obviously, there are several places where you can purchase this type of product, but in some rural areas, it can be a little bit trickier.  Listed are some places you can purchase in your area, whether for cricut cutters or crafts.  Just check your phone book to see if any of these potential suppliers are located in your area.

Craft Suppliers:  Craft and scrapbooking supply stores are one of the most common areas you’ll find this type of product.  If you don’t have any craft specific stores in your area, try big box retailers as some will have it available.  Most of the time, you’ll be dealing with small, mom and pop shops.

Sign Shops:  If you have a sign maker in your area, they might have some metallic sheet vinyl for sale and you might even be able to buy their scraps pretty cheap.  They often buy in bulk, so it’s an inexpensive option to keep in mind.

Online Sellers:  Online craft stores, eBay, Amazon, and a host of other online vendors have this type of product for sale.  It’s probably the most convenient way to get it, as it is shipped right to your household, but it also means you’ll have to wait a few days to get it in hand.

Common Sizes

Shiny metallic silver self-adhesive vinyl sheets can be used for various projects, and it also comes in various sizes, regardless of the color or basic texture you are looking to find.  Listed below are the most common sizes you’ll find for these sheets.

6x12:  Easily the most common size of all, the 6x12 sheets of shiny vinyl are sized right, with minimal waste, for most arts and crafts projects.  You’ll find it rather difficult to find alternative sizes in many instances.

12x24:  It’s a lot larger, coming it at four times the surface area of 6x12, but it’s pretty hard to find and may have to be cut to fit your printer, depending on what you have to work with.  One 12x24 sheet can be cut into four pieces of 6x12, so it can be the most cost effective option for many people.

Rolls:  Generally available from wholesale suppliers, rolls of this kind of media are much cheaper to buy per square inch, but aren’t nearly as convenient to use.  For most homeowners and craft enthusiasts, this will mean cutting the glossy media to fit properly in your printer, which isn’t nearly as convenient.

As you can see, there are many uses and options out there for this type of product.  What do you intend to do with your metallic silver self-adhesive vinyl sheet?