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Dealing With Emotions

If you are finding it difficult to identify real emotions not only involving that of yourself but also involving those of others, you so not have to worry that much because there can be a lot of methods to uncover basic emotions that you can use. Emotions are something innate in humans and it should be properly understood to be able to function appropriately in whatever situation you are into. Emotions are essential in every action that one may take. There are a lot of variations of emotions and you must be able to truly understand the self before you could be able to properly make one distinct from the other.

Humans also have the tendency to play with these emotions. Just because they have control of them, they tend to explore what else they could do with their emotions. A lot of people take the chance to hide their emotions and they do it for a certain reason. In hiding their emotions, they tend to mask their true feelings so the other people in their environment would not actually realize what they actually feel. There can be a lot of reasons in doing such but regardless of these reasons, it is always essential to know the truth because hiding the emotions can be very crucial to a person. This is where the need for different methods to uncover basic emotions arises.

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Revealing true emotions is essential as it is can greatly influence communication and relationship. If you know what a person truly feels, you could be able to properly respond to your conversation and you could be able to properly act in front of them. In this way, you can be sensitive to the people in your environment and this can facilitate the development of a very good relationship.

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Using The Facial Expressions

As what have been said, there can be a lot of methods to uncover basic emotions. One of these involves the use of the face. The face contains a very powerful set of muscles that can be your key in identifying different emotions. Facial expressions are very powerful tools in showing ones emotions. They are also very visible because as you may all know, the face is always exposed to the people. It is something that you always present to anyone. Regardless of age, there can always be a certain emotion that can be expressed in one’s face.

One example, a person may truly feel mad but then again that person acts as if things are just doing well. By simply observing the face, you could be able to see what a person really feels or what truly the emotion they have is all about. The face can definitely be used as one effective method to uncover basic emotions. The muscles in the face can automatically coincide with what a person truly feels causing such muscles to form the face to turn sad by loosening the muscles, angry by somehow tightening the muscles and happy by stretching the muscles into a smile.

Yes, there can be different facial features and structures that may exist but they have one thing in common and that is the fact that they can always relate to one’s true emotions. Also, you may notice that people can also somehow hide their emotions through the face but eventually you can see that the true feelings will then be shown or revealed. The involuntary action of the muscles is something that cannot be controlled.

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Using One’s Words

 Aside from the face, one method to uncover basic emotions can involve words. Words can serve as a carrier of one’s feelings because it is through such words that one could be able to express or say what he or she really feels. Words are definitely powerful and though the body can lie about what you really feel, words speak the truth eventually.

You might be able to notice that words can also be considered as one of the most used ways to hide ones feelings. One example could be, saying the words “I am okay” when in fact inside you are actually not., saying you are happy when in fact you are sad. Words can be truly effective in hiding at first but once you try to explore them, you will be able to see that the true emotions will eventually come out.

Words can also be considered as an effective method to uncover basic emotions because anyone is capable of using it, of course except for those who are too young to speak. If you can just learn how to clearly analyze words, and read between their meanings, especially in the way they are spoken, you can be able to see that they can really be used to uncover basic emotions.

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Using One’s Actions

Lastly, one of the most effective methods to uncover basic emotions involves the use of actions. Actions are considered to be the response of the body towards what one’s true feeling or emotion is all about. One cannot deny the true emotion dictated by actions. This serves to prove the saying that actions speak louder than words. Among the three, together with the face and with words, actions serve to be the most effective and the most obvious method to uncover basic emotions because it involves the whole body and it is readily seen by almost anyone.

For example, despite the hiding of the emotions, you can see from a person based on actions whether he or she is happy or not because there is a certain increase in energy. On the other hand if that person is sad, you can notice some weakness in action. This goes to show that the actions of a person can definitely be considered as an effective method to uncover basic emotions.

The facial expressions, words and actions can be considered as the three most common yet very effective methods to uncover basic emotions. Sensitivity is key because you must realize that no matter how hard you try to hide your emotions, the truth about them will always be seen in any way possible.