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Smoking cessation is defined as the termination of inhaling a smoky substance. The cessation of smoking may be difficult to achieve as there may have been a dependence on the substance. It is possible to achieve it without the intervention of health care personnel or medication. Some effective ways can include interventions, counseling or over the counter treatments. Sometimes smoking cessation can cause other problems such as weight gain but overall it is better for the individual as it has positive health benefits and money will be saved as you are not buying cigarettes anymore.

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There are many approaches that can be taken to achieve smoking cessation. The effectiveness of the method will be dependent on the individual. Some people are more dependent on the substance so it may be harder for them to withdraw from it. Some of these approached include:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

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There are some over the counter medications that are used to help smokers achieve smoking cessation. These medications actually help to deliver nicotine to the individual in a different form so they will not have the urge to smoke. The Nicotine Replacement medication comes in five forms, namely they are: Nicotine Patches, gums, lozenges, sprays and inhalers. The medication aims to have smokers smoke free for at least six months and after that hopefully the addiction would break. There have been studies that confirmed that after this treatment many have relapsed.


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There has been a level of intervention by the government and private individuals to achieve smoking cessation.  Some of these methods include making public places such as parks, restaurants, airports and other places open to the general public smoke free. With the increase in places that they can not smoke it restricts them a great deal. This method may not be effective in preventing them from smoking but it may decrease the amount of times they smoke per day. Maas media campaigns are also done to educate the public on the effects of smoking and second hand smoke.


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In recent times, there have been alternatives that have been tried to help one achieve smoking cessation. One method has been the electronic cigarette. This is shaped exactly like a cigarette and has a heating element that vaporizes liquid nicotine from a cartridge that is inserted into the battery operated device. This device helps to reduce the presence of Carbon Monoxide and tar which can be harmful substances. This device is an effective one in replacing the desire to smoke but it has not been formally considered by the WHO as a legitimate smoking cessation aid.

However, The National Institute of Health recommends the chewing of cinnamon sticks that can help to reduce the craving for tobacco.

Smoking cessation is not something that is easily achieved. The first step is for the individual to recognize the issues and the danger of continued smoking and if they want to stop then assistance and support can be given to them so the process of smoking cessation can begin.